Astral projection?

I was reading some articles about this earlier today and while Ive heard of this before, I was not entirely sure what it entailed…until today, It seems some people can learn to do this, yet some seem to be born with this ability and find it easy to do once they get older.

I want to make sure Im using the right name for what Im referring to first…the thing Im talking about is when someone is able to go into a sort of trance, and they can see themselves connected to their bodies by a silver cord, they think this is our souls keeping in contact with our bodies while they are doing this, and many say it is impossible to detach from this cord, so I assume its safe…? Then, once in this ‘state of trance’ or whatever, they can travel anywhere on the planet, sometimes even go to other planets!

It also seems alot of people do this, so its not just one or 2 people and their theory, so people ARE doing this, and many are able to give details about the places they been, and they are usually correct when verified, so I guess Im asking how this is possible? Is this some kind of ability we all have and can learn to use, or something we should not be doing?

From all that Ive read, I cant see anything dangerous about it, from the physical or spiritual aspect of it.

Im curious what others think about this. It seems pretty interesting to able to learn this and be able to travel all over the world in seconds and literally feel like you are there in person!!! WOW!

It helps if you have some mind-altering drugs handy.

This is hooey. Nobody has ever done this in a manner that can be verified (ie, visit a place he’s never been and accurately describe it).

It’s more like a daydream than an actual projection.

A lot of people “see” Bigfoot and UFOs also.

The Bronte sisters used to lay in the moors and do it all the time, one of the sisters said.


I dont think its hooey, Ive read quite a few articles about this, everyone clearly describes the same ‘silvery cord’ that attaches to their body when they do this. I could see it being fake if only a few people here and there claimed it worked, but Im talking about numerous people over a number of decades that have sworn by this, and described places they could not have possibly visited in person, so I would not be so quick to discredit it.

BTW, regarding drug use, they all claim ANY use of ANY kind of drug will make this impossible to do, something to do with the drugs disabling this ability, and putting ones brain into too much of a ‘foggy’ state, you need to have a fresh and clear head to do this successfully.

Did they ever describe their experiences with this? Can you think of any articles that talk about this?

This is in all likelihood a deception.

Our minds are not designed to EVER leave our embodiments; that it happens at all, in death, is a hideous PUNISHMENT.

Detached or abstracted even in part from the bodily senses, the human mind is spiritually vulnerable. Not worth doing.


I’ve read more than a few things about the subject. There is no scientific evidence of it. Secondly, people who claim to have seen themselves as if floating above their bodies may be experiencing a mental state that is not yet understood. The silver cord and traveling to other places and planets are fantasy. There is no documented evidence that anyone saw anything in another part of the world, for example.


The silver cord is in fact a plagiarism from the Book of Ecclesiastes, possibly from 1800s spiritism, attempting to present more acceptably to the then nearly Christian culture.


I was involved in the world of the occult for over 30 years and tried to accomplish this feat a number of times with zero success… not only that, but I never met or communicated with anyone who were able to verify that their claims of having astrally projected were anything more than a daydream with common previously read about elements. It’s very simply a state of self delusion. Any material on the subject already tells your mind what to “program into” your trance like state as a basic realization that you are “out” of your body, so you aren’t verifying anything. After that point, it’s all sci-fi and fantastical imagining.

That’s because they had already learned about it! Nobody has ever tried astral projection who had never heard of it before. And I doubt that anyone whose “recollections” were different would not be included in these books (and, besides, most or all of the accounts are probably bogus anyway). Those books promote quackery; they are not a scientific study. You can’t believe everything you read.

Imagine the implications if this was real. Military commanders could see enemy troops. We would not need to send probes to Mars or Venus (we could go there ourselves). Anybody could spy on anybody else (it makes the NSA look like Scooby Doo). Search and rescue operations become simple and risk-free.

Why aren’t we doing this now? If this was real, it would be HUGE.

Nobody has EVER done this in a verifiable manner. It would be simple to verify: Go into my living room and tell me what book is on the coffee table.

Pure hooey.

“Astral projection” is mystical New Age garbage.

Such things are not only foolish, they are spiritually dangerous - because if there’s anyone who wants to tempt men seeking such experiences and powers, it’s demons.

The Church has condemned the New Age quite definitively. Trying to fool yourself into thinking it’s “safe” is disingenuous.

Ok this is what witches do when they “fly” you go onto the astral plane and communicate with the dead or spirits or do harm to others before you write this off as hooey it’s real I’ve experienced it first hand in both methods with and without flying ointment it’s easier with flying ointment to be honest. And you don’t see the silver cord unless you do it without the use of drugs or “flying ointment” it’s spirtually dangerous and physically harmful since you sometimes lose your way back, and you meet “spirits” on this plane that are not your friends most of the time I suggest against it when I became a catholic I quit it and if I am deeply dreaming I can still feel it happening unconsciously which I fight and it’s dangerous once you’ve done it it’s like riding a bike it doesn’t leave you you eventually begin doing it unconsciously,

Bottom line it’s not in line with the teachings of catholicism, it is not the bilocation described by the saints, it is nothing but trouble please don’t even dip your toes in it for your well being

Have a blessed day

I understand what you are saying, but dont you think its possible for us to gain some abilities,(astral proj or similar)? Our brains are incredible organs, and we have not even begun to understand them fully, I think its very possible we are capable of doing some things that we dont quite know about yet, and not all of it has to be dangerous to our soul, maybe its just some ability we have just learned how to use and control (not really talking about astral proj here, but something similar in the future).

I mean, there are people out there that CAN move things with their minds (telekinesis), and this has been documented, while its nothing large or long distance, they have done this to some degree, so its very possible our brains are capable of things we CURRENTLY doubt or dont yet know about…anything is possible.

Maybe in the future, during brain or related research, they will discover the ‘trigger’ for these kinds of abilities, I think we could learn about them by pure accident. The fact is we are a young species when looking at the big picture…how can anyone say we have learned ALL there is to know about what our brains are fully capable of?

Yes, the human brain is a powerful organ.

All the more reason to doubt that the human mind can function just fine without using it, as would be the case in astral projection.

What sources do you have for “documented telekinesis”?

BTW, practicing any kind of ESP would fall under clairvoyance, which as it is forbidden by God, would be “dangerous to your soul.” AIUI.


[quote=mikekle;11836808I mean, there are people out there that CAN move things with their minds (telekinesis)
No, there are not.

and this has been documented

Never in a scientific manner.

Go on YouTube and look for “The Amazing Randy.” He’s a stage magician who is annoyed with other magicians who claim it’s real. He has a long-running million-dollar challenge to anyone who can demonstrate such abilities (of ANY paranormal type) in a controlled environment.

You can watch videos of people attempting to convince him, but he is always able to demonstrate that it’s just a trick.

I don’t think it is that easy or that anyone can do it. However, these people may be able to help you: . They have groups all over the world,

There is no such thing as astral projection. It is false. Anyone who claims to have experienced it is lying, on drugs or hallucinating.

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