Astronaut comes forward about 2005 UFO incident!


Pretty interesting interview!!

These astronauts are about the most credible people we have in my opinion. we trust them when they say things, this should be no different.

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Here is one link.


Eh, maybe, maybe not. Who knows?

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The truth is out there …



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I have not read the story yet but I consider the HuffPost to be a bogus source of news. It started as a liberal blog which almost anyone could contribute to as long as they followed the party line.


I just read the article. Yes seems he claimed to see a UFO, but that doesn’t mean he believes he saw alien life…and the article doesn’t really give that impression either.

It seems like they’re just using that story as part of some new program about aliens.

My interpretation of the article was that he was leaning towards the fishing boat theory… :shrug:


Awesome--------I am a firm believer in UFOs and the more sightings from credible sources we have the more the government may be ever-so-gently-“pushed” towards disclosure (you may not believe that the government has been hiding information about interactions with aliens, but I and millions of others worldwide do). :thumbsup:

Debunkers cannot dismiss all of them when you have sightings of the caliber here.

IMO, of course. :o


This huffpost article is basically just an ad for a new aliens/ufo cable show, the first episode of which features this astronaut and his story.


The government will never disclose anything definitive about UFOs. I’ve been studying the subject for years. All they do is give out false, misleading and ridiculous explanations, or deny UFOs are real. They discredit and discourage people from investigating UFOs, causing frustration that leads people to stop reporting UFOs or just getting fed up. Deny, discredit, debunk is their motto. What the public thinks doesn’t really matter. They have a secret to keep and that’s the way it’s going to be.

There is zero evidence for aliens. None.



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