Astronaut's Toothbursh

According to ABC (Australian) news, Apollo Astronaut Jack Swigert’s toothbrush sold for $12,861.

I’ve still got a toothbrush that flew in a Virgin Airlines aircraft to Cairns and back, and in mint condition. Since the toorhbrush contributed to the 23 kg limit on the baggage, and therefore partly funded Richard Branson’s ambitious space flight program, I think a reserve price of $10,000 wouldn’t be too much to ask.

Interested parties can contact me via the email facility on the forum.

Nice. Paypal?

That is interesting but I would never spend that kind of money for an astronaut’s toothbrush, even if I was rich.

I don’t get it either. I don’t think I’d even want Bach’s toothbrush.

He died in 1982 of bone cancer at age 51.

Dang. He survived the Apollo 13 mission, only to die at a young age from an extremely painful illness.:frowning:

As for the toothbrush, maybe its just me, but its purchase reminds me of the sale of sacred relics. Not that an astronaut’s toothbrush is sacred, but that we (humans) seem to have a desire to own a piece of celebrity.

You know, I didn’t think of it that way. Perhaps if the astronaut were to become a canonized saint, it would be a relic. But then again, I’m not even sure if this astronaut is Catholic or not so I kind of doubt a canonization will be happening soon.

Regardless, he may very well be in Heaven. I hope he is in Heaven. It must have been horrific to have bone cancer. I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

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