At 53 I will humble myself for career


At 53 I am going to humble myself before Jesus for direction my work life. I was always lost in what to do but Jesus came through in the past. It’s time to repent of my sins that keep me down, such as the filth of porn, anger and pride, and pray to Jesus as a cleaner vessel. I have faith that Jesus will help me again and direct me with opened doors. I want to provide for my family. I must be a clean vessel.


Praying God gives you what you need, which may not be what you want.

God bless


Now was that necessary? Why so negative! Whatever happened to “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart.”


I have followed several of your threads here at CAF, even though I have not responded, because your threads are rather compelling. When I saw this thread today, I wanted to respond, because I think this is definitely a good place to start for you. Whenever we hit a wall, especially in our spiritual life, it is good to go back to the beginning. Focusing upon repentance and thanksgiving for God’s mercy is definitely a way of going back to the beginning, as is a renewed emphasis on humility. I wish you all the best in your current endeavors, I hope you are able to find that breakthrough you are seeking. I will pray for your intentions!

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be…

Amen +


Compelling? In what way? :wink: Thank you for your prayers.


Wasn’t meant to be negative mb. God’s will for our lives is always best.


What you need to do is take an inventory of your desires and what YOU want and what is your heart’s desire. I have my heart’s desire and i CLEARLY know what it is. look up John 14. 12 and Mark 11. 23 When ever the scripture starts with “Amen I say to you” just like in John 6 I am the bread of life. All Catholics believe that Jesus truly meant his flesh and blood which I truly believe. Same thing with mark 11 23 and John 14. 12. Jesus starts out with amen I say to you. Yes Lord you say to me. I EXPECT YOU!!! Jesus to HONOR your promise and I WILL NOT take no for an answer. That mountain WILL MOVE!!! mountain can be a real mountain even mount Everest YES I SAID IT!!! the mountain can be masturbation porn can be financial ruin an impending fore closure can be cancer. time we grow up and call God to task on his PROMISES!!! the things most of us ask for in his NAME are things already done in biblical scripture. So you need to trust in the Lord delight in the Lord and call him to task on his promises in Mark 11. 23 and John 14, 12 … your desires are for good things and fit God’s will… now if you ask for a successful brothel or bar or to get the winning lottery numbers that is a horse of another color. but asking for healing financial wherewithall to take care of your family or a career you can live with is nothing outside of his holy will. I will pray for you as I have some of the same problems, i have jealousy and anger and need that to be healed. God bless you.


One type of prayer that has never failed me in a crisis is this

“God, I need help. I cannot bear this situation any longer. I am weak and exhausted. My only strength is from You. You have given me this vocation, and it is beyond my ability to carry out Your will right now. Either change the situation or make me better equipped. Fix this or fix me. And not just a little bit of grace, Lord, but a whole truckload of grace! I am not kidding, Lord! I cannot do what You ask of me anymore, unless You give me the ability. I am broken and weary. I need you, Jesus.”

This kind of prayer has always resulted in an immediate answer of some sort. It is usually prayed with lots of tears when I am completely alone. I share such a personal story only in hopes that it will help you. You are seeking to humble yourself, and grow spiritually, and address some huge challenges. And it is grueling work. Every single Christian needs to find their “go to battle” sort of prayer, when they feel utterly stripped of their own ability (humble) and realize they cannot go on without some sort of intervention from our Heavenly Father. I encourage you, MainBrain, to find YOUR “go to battle” prayer, to be able to persevere as you face your obstacles, not under your own steam, but empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Another poster said to be very clear about what the desires of your heart actually are. That is awesome advice. Pray about them. Pray that God will either bring those desires into reality, or that He will give you new desires that will more closely align with His will for your life. And keep asking for grace! God ALWAYS answers that prayer with a “Yes!”.


In the sense of heartfelt and moving. Your threads are moving, because you share your desperation and your confusion and your willingness to figure out how to make things right.


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