At 9/11 site, pope prays with Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus

NEW YORK (RNS) Pope Francis embraced survivors of 9/11 steps from where the Twin Towers fell, then prayed for peace at an interfaith service beside the last column of steel salvaged from the skyscrapers.

Directly from his speech to the United Nations on Friday (Sept. 25), Francis met with 10 families from the 9/11 community — people who survived the destruction, rescued others from the inferno, or lost loved ones in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, one planned and executed by religious zealots.

Meeting those families, Francis said, “made me see once again how acts of destruction are never impersonal, abstract or merely material. They always have a face, a concrete story, names. In those family members, we see the face of pain, a pain which still touches us and cries out to heaven.”

G-d bless the Pope for his words of wisdom and his faith in action. He sometimes appears politically liberal and other times conservative, but in truth he is neither or both, being first and foremost a servant of G-d.


I thought the interfaith service was really nice. The cantor from Israel had a fantastic voice.

I tuned in just as the cantor was singing. He did have a beautiful voice. I saw the people from different faiths sitting alongside Pope Francis. I wish I would have seen the whole program, but I only saw a little bit.

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