At Al Smith Dinner, Colbert Doesn’t Spare Politicians

When the comedian Stephen Colbert took to the dais on Thursday for his keynote speech at the Al Smith white-tie charity dinner, the annual gathering of New York’s Roman Catholic elite, he immediately flashed a sly glance at Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, sitting a few seats away.

You can listen to Colbert’s entire speech here. It is a hoot!

Some jokes - IMO, not the best ones.
*]“I am proud to be America’s most famous Catholic. I’m sure the Cardinal is thinking, Stephen, pride is a sin. Well Cardinal, so is envy, so we’re even.”

*]“Since [Al Smith] first shattered the stained glass ceiling, America has seen a flood of Catholic presidents, from John F. Kennedy, to JFK to good old Jack Kennedy.”

*]“We got close-ish in 2004 with John Kerry, who was a deeply Catholic candidate. In that listening to him talk was like attending a Latin mass.”

*]“Your Eminence. That’s a fantastic title. He’s not just sitting there, he’s emanating. He’s like a fog of cardinal-ness. On the other hand, The Eminence sounds like the most boring Spider-Man villain of all time.”

*]“I have great respect for Cardinal Dolan. Although I have to say, sir, it’s not easy while you’re wearing that outfit. In that cape and red sash, you look like a matador who’s really let himself go. Did you not see the invite? It said white tie, not Flamboyant Zorro.”

*]“I’m not saying New York is gay Mecca, but it’s at least Gay-rusalem.”
Colbert is so Catholic and so funny!

I don’t find him that Catholic all too often. In his speech, he did also advance the myth that Pope Francis says things so different than Pope Benedict, and went with the media-hyped quote that Pope Francis doesn’t want the Church to focus on homosexuality, abortion, etc… I posted some of Colbert’s contra-Catholic views in the other thread on same event.

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