At Climate Meeting, China Balks at Verifying Cuts in Carbon Emissions


As Chinese negotiators attend UN talks on verifying cuts to carbon emissions, Beijing’s air quality deteriorated to the point where its residents are advised not to go outside.

At an academic conference in Beijing on Monday, a meteorologist, Zhang Xiaoye, emphasized again that coal is the main source of pollution, according to The Beijing News. Last year, China consumed 3.61 billion tons of coal, equal to the rest of the world combined. The effects are visible on a weekly basis, especially in northern Chinese cities. On Tuesday afternoon, readings on the air quality index at the United States Embassy in Beijing exceeded 400, well into the “hazardous” range, in which people are not supposed to venture outdoors.


That’s rich. We’ve got massive air pollution in China, and they’re worried about the largely make-believe problem of AGW.


China is competing to develop Thorium-based nuclear power as an energy source to replace coal plants and a reasonable answer to fight smog.

Though, a Norwegian company or an Indian company may beat the Chinese to the finish line.


It’s become a common mistake to mix up particulate pollution with CO2 emissions. China must deal with their air quality in short order, which can readily be done with mature technologies used in US plants, but they are resisting due to cost. They shut down scrubbers in their coal power plants to increase profit margins.

The US developed this Molten Salt Nuclear technology circa Korean War, it just never went mainstream because it didn’t support making bombs. China plans to grow nuclear to a 7% share, which doesn’t replace coal

I thought this picture was to the point.


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