At home summer catechism ideas?


All, I am looking for a 2 month at home catechism program for my kids this summer. They attend a good, Catholic school, but I wouldn't mind doing a little supplemental education this summer at home. Grade 2,4,7,and 9. Thanks


How willing are you to do a home school sort of thing? Scott Hahn’s book “Understanding the scriptures” is a great adult education book and could give you many ideas for a scriptural understanding of the Catholic Church’s rules. I wish someone had introduced me to the Bible as its presented in this book when I was a child. It may be a bit above the 2nd grader’s head but the 4th to 9th graders should enjoy learning these facts.


I am not a home schooling parent. Kids go to a catholic school. I work out of the house and will have some time to work with them, but not a lot. I wanted something that was more self-study, have the kids work 1 hour each morning on it, could be completed in the summer, that sort of thing.


Summer Bible school at your parish?
Volunteering with the kids (might need a little research since your kids are young) and in their language tie that in with the Bishops' Social Justice Initiative.


Thanks for the replies.

There is a vacation bible school, it is a week long program. Seems to always conflict with our vacation time. If not, it is likely I will enroll the kids in it. But thats not exacly what I had in mind. I wanted an at-home program for the kids to study each morning for an hour or so after breakfast.


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All, I am looking for a 2 month at home catechism program for my kids this summer. They attend a good, Catholic school, but I wouldn't mind doing a little supplemental education this summer at home. Grade 2,4,7,and 9. Thanks


Kids don't like to do formal programs in the summer, so I would suggest a couple of different avenues.

For the 7th and 9th graders, I'd supply them with some reading engaging reading material.

Also, I'd add this list to your dinner discussion:

If you could get a couple of their friends over, I'd have them do this study

For grades 2 and 4, I'd do read alouds. Definitely, Bible and saint stories. For your 4th grader, I love this book

I think you'll have more success with your older kids if you include their friends. And, for your younger kids, if you do read alouds.


This idea is not exactly a catechism class idea, but it might be fun for your children. Several years ago I purchased a book called “One Nation Under God” from Our Sunday Visitor Press. It locates and identifies religious symbols, quotes and images found in Washington, DC. When we are not on overseas assignment, we live in the DC area. Reading this book has increased my enjoyment of visiting the monuments and public buildings here. It is fun to point our these things to young visitors. Maybe your children would enjoy looking for religious images in public buildings in your town. It is amazing how many there are. It would reinforce your teaching that religion is (or should be) part of our public life.


Holy Heroes has a great vacation bible school that could be stretched out to longer than a week. They will email you a link everyday to use - and you can go back to previous days - I think you can choose a week in June, July, and/or August. We loved doing that - and the videos they can watch themselves and then do the printouts.

I would get a subscription to Magnifikid. I am not sure how long it takes - but it's a magazine based on the weekly gospel.

I'd supplement the above with Saint stories. They are great fill ins. Or the Great Adventure Bible Study for kids.

Not sure if you want to piece it together like that or not... it might be easier in the long run to get a "program". The Faith and Life series from Ignatius Press comes highly recommended.


Actually, if you want to go hands off, you might use

I have a friend who used it. And, it looks very good. The sample lessons are good. Plus, you can use it all year.


leonie, Marysann, and HouseArrest

Thanks!!! All of these look like they have potential. I will start doing some investigation into them to see what I think fits.


I am the new President and CEO of I wanted to again recommend our new material at We have both adult material and children’s materials that I deem to be highly conservative and very Faithful to the Church.

And, if you purchase a group amount, I would certainly offer you a discount. In fact, I guarantee that I will sell these lessons to you cheaper than you are paying now. All you have to do is show me your invoice for the cost for the lessons for a different program and I will offer ours cheaper. That is how much I believe in my program - I want all families to use it.


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