At least 20 sexual misconduct cases against Univ. of Calif. faculty over a 3-year span

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March 9, 2017, 5:52 PM

At least 20 sexual misconduct cases against Univ. of Calif. faculty over a 3-year span

SAN FRANCISCO – The University of California, one of the nation’s largest university systems, had 112 cases of sexual misconduct involving employees over a three-year period from January 2013 to April 2016 at nine campuses. The UC president’s office said faculty accounted for 25 percent of the cases. . . .

Video: Berkeley under fire for allegedly mishandling sexual misconduct cases
. . . And at UC Santa Cruz, a professor accused of sexually assaulting a female student after a wine-tasting trip resigned before he could be fired. The University of California later agreed to pay his accuser $1.15 million.

The cases, among a trove of confidential files released last week by UC officials, show that the same lack of transparency and lax discipline that critics complained about during a UC Berkeley sexual harassment scandal involving faculty last year also occurred at UC’s nine other campuses.

The Associated Press scoured hundreds of pages, many of which UC officials redacted in whole or in part citing privacy reasons. While the employees who were investigated included cafeteria workers and administrative employees, **the AP examined cases involving the most prominent figures on campuses: the faculty. **

The UC president’s office said faculty accounted for 25 percent of the 112 employees found to have violated sexual misconduct policies over the nearly three-year period but declined to specify those cases in particular. The AP was able to verify at least 20 of the cases involving faculty members . . .

The Catholic Church has taken a lot of heat from “enlightened” people like this (and I am not excusing or minimizing any issues that have occurred within the Church).

It will be interesting to see if the media gets as on board with stories like these, and also interesting to see how the California Universities handle this.

These types of scandals are always a shame.

It sounds like so far from what I can tell, it doesn’t appear that at least some of the California University administrators have been handling these problems and scandals very well.

We’ll see what happens (or doesn’t happen) with these University administrators.

(Sometimes the University administrators are part of the problem and not the solution as below in 2015 . . . . )

Norwood Teague resigns as athletic director at University of Minnesota

**According to redacted documents released by the university Friday afternoon one of the women who complained said that former athletic director Norwood Teague asked to perform . . . .
By Amelia Rayno Star Tribune AUGUST 13, 2015

University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague resigned Friday amid revelations that he sexually harassed two female university employees — inappropriately touching both at a university-sponsored event, and sending a slew of graphic texts to one.

Teague acknowledged his actions and expressed concern about his substance abuse in a text message sent to media members.

. . . “I behaved badly toward nice people, including sending truly inappropriate texts. . . .

Sad but not surprising. Research shows the liberal mindset (which is predominant in the academy) is more accepting of risky behavior including sexuality and aggression.

I would think there will be crickets heard from the MSM.

I have a feeling they will say its a whole different ballgame, with the church abuse scandal, it was primarily young kids involved, with the UC case, its adult on adult, they will use that to justify it imo.

I think many so-called conservatives can be pretty accommodating when it suits them. Just think of the people defending Trump’s comments.

Perhaps people should stop misrepresenting what Trump actually said. He used a crude metaphor to mock bimbo groupies that chase celebrities.

I have not misrepresented what he said in anyway. There is no context in which such comments are morally acceptable.


But the context is still important and impacts the intent of the statement.

You will agree that comments and actions are two different things?? :frowning:

But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Before I can take stock in a claim such as this, I have to ask…

What exactly are the details of the misconduct?

This could be less a case of a deviant faculty as much as a case of loony policies.

It is California. The answer could go either way.

Another example of the University dysfunction not merely in students, but staff as well.

This time a football “staffer” (“associate director of football operations”) in Texas .

From NBC Sports . . .

Report: Baylor fires football staffer for sending inappropriate texts to teenager

By John TaylorMar 14, 2017, 8:04 AM EDT

You simply can’t make this stuff up.

As if Baylor needed yet another black eye, KWTX-TV in Waco is reporting that the university has fired associate director of football operations DeMarko Butler after just a month on the job. Why? According to the television station, it was discovered that Butler had been sending inappropriate text messages to a teenager. . . .

Well, this study wasn’t needed to convince me that sexual scandal is a problem in the American public education system top to bottom—even far more so than in the Catholic Church.

But I’m also skeptical when I hear about sexual “misconduct” cases on a college campus. It really is becoming the boy who cried wolf.

But I’m also skeptical when I hear about sexual “misconduct” cases on a college campus. It really is becoming the boy who cried wolf.

Good point SuperLuigi:thumbsup:.

That extreme (wolf crying such as inflated “statistics”) needs to be guarded against too.

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