At least 26 Syrian civilians killed in suspected US-led airstrike [Guardian]


**At least 26 Syrian civilians killed in suspected US-led airstrike **

At least 26 Syrian civilians have been killed in an airstrike suspected to have been launched by the US-led coalition against the so-called Islamic State, piling pressure on the alliance after allegations another bombing raid left regime soldiers dead.

The coalition has been bombarding the Islamic State group for more than a year in Syria and neighbouring Iraq, where the jihadists have declared a self-styled caliphate.

But according to a monitoring group, strikes on Monday on the village of Al-Khan in north-eastern Syria only left civilians dead.

Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Isis is in control of Al-Khan but is only on its outskirts, “which is why all of the deaths were civilians”.

The death toll included at least seven children and four women, he said, adding that it was likely to rise as more than a dozen civilians were still missing under rubble.

A spokesman for US Central Command said the military was investigating the allegations. “We take all such allegations seriously and conduct credibility assessments of all information we receive regarding civilian casualties. If the information is deemed credible we will investigate and publicly release the results of the investigation,” the spokesman said.

Last month, the US said four civilians were “likely” to have been killed in strikes against Isis in Iraq. And in November 2014, it admitted accidentally killing two children in a strike in Syria.

Most of these reports on whatever side seem to emanate from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory in London: Apparently, they do make an effort to report goings-on in a fair, impartial manner.


Ben Carson says, Donald Trump says. How curious that criticism in this thread seems to be lacking.


I think that most people are critical of ISIS.


I’m not sure there is much to debate here. For once we have an organization that cares more about human life lost than the politics.

We here are obsessed with the few tens of thousands of Syrians that happen to make it here where as Europe has 100’s of thousands if not millions. Some how a few people from a war torn nation have justified public comments equating a whole group of people to murders and wholesale exclusion from his country.


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