At least 4 reported incidents of suspicious phone purchases across Missouri


ABC 17 News reported on Wednesday that 100 prepaid cell phones were purchased at two Missouri Walmarts over the weekend, and employees reported the incidents to authorities.

The Columbia Police Department was notified on Monday of a suspicious purchase at the Walmart on Conley Road. According to the police report, several men bought dozens of phones around 9:30 Friday night.

ABC 17 New talked to a witness who didn’t want to be identified said the men paid with cash.

Who needs hundreds of cell phones? According to the employees it is very unusual for this many phones to be bought at one time.

The article does not say if it is the same men doing the purchases.


It *could *be something innocent, but I am glad Walmart reported it. It certainly is suspicious and should be reported promptly. Better safe than sorry.


It seems to be a coordinated effort as these incidents all happened at Walmarts within one week. Are they giving them away as Christmas presents?


Maybe some paranoid, or not so paranoid who thinks the gov’t is tracking him thru his cell phone and wants to use a different burner every week of the year?

Otoh, I’d suspect drug dealers before terrorism. My brother is a defense attorney and for the prosecution cell phone data is the new DNA.
Going down the list maybe someone is looking to profit by selling the phones, maybe in another country?


Interesting. Except for Columbia, all of those towns are a long way from much of anything else, and from where any federal law enforcement is. From any of them, you could drive off into near oblivion in minutes.

One thing about Walmart, though. They video everybody who goes into those stores. No matter where you are in a Walmart store, you’re on video tape the whole time.

At least law enforcement will have video pictures to match up to whatever else they have or get in the future.


so they sell guns and bullets but lets worry about phones,interesting


According to the following linked article, there were also dozens of propane tanks stolen.

It mentions in the article that men with accents purchased the phones early mornings.

Then in the article linked below, the San Bernardino attackers, friend spoke of sleep cells waiting all over.


If they purchased 50 guns at a time, for sure.


I worry about what type of Christmas presents.


They are not mutually exclusive.


Maybe they were selling them really cheap and they plan on reselling them?


Terrorists have long used cellular phones to trigger improvised explosive devices (IEDs) not only on Iraq roadsides, but also in attacks worldwide. Notably, cell phones detonated the bombs that destroyed public transportation in Madrid and London in 2004 and 2005 respectively; terrorists also planned to use them to bomb commercial U.S. flights in August 2006.

Wonder if the FBI is wasting it’s time investigating this.


Buried explosives found in Missouri:

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