At least 5 police officers injured during protests in Minnesota


Authorities in Minnesota said at least five police officers were injured in a protest sparked by the recent police killings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana on Saturday night.

St. Paul police said the officers were injured after some protesters threw rocks, firecrackers and other debris at them.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that many arrests were made.

                       While there are certainly many peaceful protesters involved with Black Lives Matters, we once again see that this group also has more than a few violent thugs within it's ranks.


How tragic! :frowning:


I don’t understand why violent people go to peaceful protests. Isn’t the whole point of a peaceful protest to be peaceful. :confused:


The Minneapolis Star Tribune is now reporting 27 officers hurt.


Praying for the health & recovery of all & for their families.


102 arrested 27 officers injured in 94 shutdown


Police unions: Is it still worth supporting the Democrats?


We’re seeing it at virtually every kind of left wing protest in America this year, things are getting out of hand. Police need to start making arrests and making charges stick. If people refuse to be peaceful, get them some jail time.


Well in many cases the police are ordered to stand down by politicians who do not want to hurt their re-election chances. An example of this is the Baltimore riots where the Mayor ordered the PD to stand down and allow them “room to vent”. This room to vent resulted in millions of dollars in damage.

The other wonderful part is when politicians order the officers not to use riot gear such as shields and helmets because of the whole “militarization of the police” thing, which results in more officers being injured.


That is actually part of FBI-recommended crowd management tactics developed after decades of crowd control study and case studies of various international police organizations’ crowd models.

The police in Minnesota were wearing riot gear.


Imagine how many more injuries they would have had without the gear? I remember in the Baltimore riots many officers were hospitalized because of things being thrown at them. If I was having bricks and such thrown at me I would greatly prefer to have a helmet.

Yesterday they had a demonstration in my city where the demonstrators were trying to block a freeway. At the on-ramp the first line of officers were in standard uniform with a second line in riot gear. This way they had the demeanor of calm and non-violence but the ability to quickly transition to protective gear if it turned violent, which thankfully it did not. This seemed like a very good decision on the police’s part.


Then I guess it’s time to vote in new politicians or keep taking it on the chin and accepting it as collateral damage.


When will this madness end?


This is more of a beginning that an end.
People no longer accept the authority of the police. That leaves the streets to the criminals.

That is what happened to Detroit, and it is not over yet.

If a city is not safe, people find better places to be.


That’s the thing. People are not willing to give up their entitlement mentality. So this will go on and on and on.


praying for the recovery of these 27 officers and for the safety of officers around the country.


Monday will be the fourth day of protest in Down Town and Midtown Atlanta. There was some bad traffic onone day, but not since then. The mayor acknowledged the concerns of the protesters and asked every one to keep things safe. There were police without riot gear. There were no arrest.


On Sunday evening, St. Paul Police learned one of the officers injured last night had a large concrete block dropped on his head. That officer is now suffering from a spinal


that is disgusting! reminds me of the Reginald Denny incident.
I pray this officer will fully recover and I hope they find those responsible.


If you go to Black Lives Matter’s official website, the very first person quoted is convicted cop killer Assata Shakur who was on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list in 2013. This group needs to be thoroughly discredited along with anyone who knowingly has ties to them.

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