At least 65 killed and 300 hurt in Easter suicide attack on Christians in Pakistan: Dozens of mothers and children among the dead



Lord, Have mercy.


Praying for the deceased & injured.


It is unfortunate that they are targeting us on our holy day.:frowning:


This is very sad but I am not surprised in the least that Islamic terrorists would target us on our holiest day of the year.


I’ve just seen this shocking report on the news, and heard that the Taliban have admitted responsibility.

What can one say except Rest in Peace to the deceased and thoughts and prayers for all those suffering.
Words can seem so inadequate at times.


May the 65, and counting, Easter martyrs of Lahore pray for us!



I wonder if anyone will make as big of a deal out of this as they do when other religions are targeted. Holy Mary, pray for us.


praying for the Christians in Pakistan and the injured and dead.


Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Come, Lord Jesus, and lead us, your sheep without a shepherd…help us to find a safe place of rest… may the martyred rest in eternal peace… in your arms, Jesus!




I can’t wrap my head around anyone thinking they will be reward by God for killing innocent women and children.


Can’t they just leave us alone for one day? This really truly angers me. We need to do something about this! We need to stop Islam. No matter what people say, Islam is a dangerous religion. Sure, all religions have a few loonies in them that can be violent. But obviously being violent is apart of mainstream Islam. Time and time again, with almost no fail, most terrorist attacks are by Muslims. I am angered and saddened. Generally, I advocate pacifism. Turning the other cheek that is. Generally, I wouldn’t advocate for fighting back. But when it gets to this point, we HAVE to fight!


I am almost positive this time it was a radical catholic.


You look at this, Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, Madrid, London, 9-11, the crucifixion of the priest in Yemen, and if this is not the true face of Islam, then why aren’t the supposedly good Muslims hunting these people down relentlessly, and if it is the true face of Islam, why aren’t they leaving this religion like a sinking ship ?


Good Muslims become accomplices by their deafening silence or the omission in supporting the few who do voice their condemnations.

Pax Christi


did they actually crucify the priest in Yemen?

Yes. :frowning:


has this been reported by major media yet?
I don’t want this to be true. :frowning:


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