At least five people killed in suspected car bomb attack in Beirut as Syria's civil war continues to spread to its neighbour


The explosion rocked the Shiite Hezbollah stronghold in the Lebanese city
Twenty people were also wounded and cars were set on fire in the attack
It comes a week after a car bombing killed a prominent Sunni politician


If I didn’t know better I would say there is a regional civil war brewing. When Iran gets the bomb, when the Sunnis and Shias let all their passions loose when artificially created states collapse then will the whole region erupt in flames.


Praying for all killed and injured.


I’m not sure I would call it a civil war, exactly. It’s more like Iran trying to mop up after it ejected the U.S. from the region. Of course, there are those in the Sunni world who resist Iran’s imperial ambitions. Those ambitions are diametrically opposed to the Sunni Islamist dreams of a Sunni Arab “Caliphate”.


The Sunnis already have ‘The bomb’ in Pakistan and there’s no threat of them ever using it.

In fact Iran getting the bomb will balance the situation as the Israeli military regime is already armed to the teeth in nukes…


It seems to me that this is the kind of senseless chaos that arises after too many decades of having terrorists glorified throughout the region as heroes and martyrs. It is just a general state of mayhem that is descending of large tracts of the region, but with none of it really leading to anything better.
At least a civil war with aims of winning the region would lead to something decisive. These kind of attacks don’t even pretend to be aimed at anything other than maiming and mayhem.+


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