At Least Three Dead, Several Injured After Knife Attack In French City Of Nice

Pay attention, some reports seem to suggest this may well have happened “inside” the Church.

Sky News coverage:

See this from the BBC:

He said everything pointed to a “terrorist attack at the heart of the Notre-Dame basilica”.

BREAKING|Oct 29, 2020,05:33am EDT

At Least Three Dead, Several Injured After Knife Attack In French City Of Nice

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TOPLINE A least three people were killed and several others wounded in a knife attack near a church in Nice, France, French broadcaster BFMTV reported on Thursday morning.

Nice’s Mayor Christian Estrosi said that one suspect has been arrested following the incident, Reuters and the BBC reported, citing French media sources.

Estrosi tweeted that everything pointed to a “terrorist attack at the heart of the Notre-Dame basilica”.

France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said a police operation was underway in Nice and asked people to avoid the city’s center.

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I often turn on the Lourdes webcam. At times, I think about the people there, security and so on.


Not released to the media yet, the exact locations.
An eyewitness say 2 were killed inside the Church.

Speaking to reporters in Nice, Estrosi said two people were killed inside the church and a third person who escaped to a nearby bar was in a life-threatening condition.

Prayers for those who lost their lives,

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France 24:

“Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said on Twitter the knife attack had happened in or near the city’s Notre Dame church and that police had detained the attacker.”

Other details are coming in. Watch for them. Until something can be confirmed via a credible looking news report I don’t want to say anything that might be irresponsible.

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GOD bless France!


The mayor of Nice has said

Estrosi said: “We have two people killed inside the church … and a third person who was in a bar facing the church where she had taken refuge. Enough is enough … we have to remove this Islamo-fascism from our territory.”
Before it was a school professor, this time the Islamo-fascist barbarism chose to attack inside a church. Again, it is very symbolic,” Estrosi added.

France will go into its second lockdown, to last for 4 weeks, on midnight Thursday.

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I don’t understand - I thought Islam is the religion of peace?

Lord Have Mercy!!!

Our Lady of Lourdes, please intercede…
St. Michael the Archangel, please intercede…

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France should have been in maximum alert status since the Charlie Hebdo trial began in early September. Only now is France in maximum alert.
France was either naive or foolish to wait so long.


There has been condemnation about this attack

The French Council of the Muslim Faith condemned the Nice knife attack and spoke of its solidarity with the victims and their families.

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Some of these things get Muslims upset but, was Mr. Paty who was killed about 2 weeks ago, it seems he did his act in the classroom and maybe religions should not be put down in the class room, I am not dissing free speech. I think there was a teacher here in the US who had some exercise to be irreverent towards religion. So be it. People did not kill over it but we see this is problematic in other places and with other religion(s), maybe with one religion.

Also guess what?? Stabbing at the French consulate in Saudi Arabia I just heard. I don’t think anyone got killed.

A man in his forties has been arrested in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, after attacking a security guard at the French consulate in the kingdom’s coastal city, Saudi state media SPA reported Thursday. The attack resulted in “minor injuries,” Saudi authorities said, and the victim has been transported to a hospital for treatment.

Yes, we have free speech, we should not be violent if someone exercises free speech but we also don’t have to say things we know will rile others.

And I’m not singling out France, we had that preacher here who was setting Korans on fire and that upset some Muslims too.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.


This why multiculturalism isn’t something to be held up as a virtue. Every people and faith needs their own space.

I think it’s more that some people don’t subscribe to “Western, historically Judeo-Christian” values. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc.
There are plenty of religious adherents that don’t butcher other people in their own houses of worship.

A second attack on Thursday morning has been reported in the southern French city of Avignon, with an armed man shot dead by police after he refused to drop his weapon. It is not yet known if it is linked to the attack in Nice.

France is now in emergency alert level.

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Freedom of speech and freedom of religion aren’t traditionally western values. Unless you think western civilization started during the enlightenment.

An article with more detail.

Does anyone else recall watching the video/killing of soldiers by Islamic terrorists in what appeared to be a slaughter house? It is tough or impossible to find that or other similar news stories videos anymore although these atrocities happened only a short time ago. What part about that brutality didn’t people like Macron understand at the time?

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As you surely know, Macron and Erdogan are feuding over this, Islam, Islamiphobia supposed of course. Erdogan said something like Macron needs counseling.

Nice is the place I thought that terrorist killed over 80 with a truck, the French Riviera. Wherever that is, the attack on a beach area. What a horror.

Even Egypt’s president made a comment. Nothing bad, general in nature.

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Yes, the Nice, France truck attack in 2016…just four years ago. It is hard to believe…just four years ago.
Europe is just a step ahead of USA in the struggle of being dominated by an increasing immigrant population/culture.

Americans need to observe very carefully.

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Entirely different demographics, much of France’s immigrant population is made up from people from it’s current and former overseas and imperial possessions.

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