At least THREE young Minnesota women have traveled to Syria to aid ISIS jihadis


At least three young Minnesota women are now believed to have traveled to Syria to give aid to the ISIS terror group responsible for the brutal beheadings of American journalists, MailOnline has learned.
The trio left some three weeks ago, Omar Jamal, a leader of the Somali community in the state capital, St. Paul, tells MailOnline. They said they intended to become nurses tending to fighters injured in ISIS’ violent surge in Syria and Iraq.
The news comes as 19-year-old suburban Denver woman Shannon Conley who federal authorities say intended to wage jihad has pleaded guilty to trying to help the Islamic State militant group in Syria.


I think these three young Minnesota women should not be allowed to return to the United States.



All the evidence is not in yet, but from what was contained in the article it appears that this should read “At least three young Somali women living in Minnesota . . .”


Not necessarly. From the article:

She is the middle of five children brought up by a single Somali mother, living off St. Paul’s Selby Avenue.


I have zero ideas why this would even be considered a crime. If these two losers want to join ISIS let them; It’s not anyone’s problem on American soil They can both be a 5th and 6th wife for a jihadist that has not showered in two months.
At least they will not grow up to be pole dancers in Daytona Beach Fl, while serving bikers Budweiser during bike week. . America has more domestic terrorism problems alone,
on its own soil. Just watch Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy”

So long good luck, and cancel the pass port.





 I re-edited


Now, if they were members of the TEA PARTY, I’m sure that would have been pointed out. :rolleyes:


I did say “it appears.” So at least one of them is Somali.

Ya think?


‘Jihad Cool’: The young Americans lured to fight for ISIS militants with rap videos, adventurism and first hand accounts of the ‘fun’ of guerrilla war


Doesn’t sound too far off from standard recruitment tactics employed by just about every western nation.


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