At Long Last! A Maltese Saint!

**For 400,000 Catholics who have resisted divorce, topless bathing, and even the Duchess of Malfi, a Maltese saint is at best an egalitarian measure, argues MATTHEW VELLA. **

Preca’s devout, most of them members of his Society of Christian Doctrine, today are rejoicing because their spiritual leader has been attributed with the miraculous healing of a newborn with critical kidney difficulties. The miracle, confirmed by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints on Tuesday, is claimed to have happened in 2001 when the child’s family prayed for Preca’s intercession and placed a glove that was used during the priest’s exhumation on the child. A few days later, the baby started to show signs of recovery against all doctors’ expectations that it would survive the critical illness. Without even the planned surgery, the baby today is five years old.

A short biography of Saint George Preca can be found here:

Two important clarifications:

a) Preca is the first **canonised **saint. There is another Maltese saint, Saint Publius of Acts of the Apostles’ fame. Technically he was a Roman citizen but he was Maltese (Malta being a Roman municipality at the time of Saint Paul’s shipwreck) not of Roman lineage.

b) Malta Today is an anti-clerical newspaper that was at the forefront during the divorce debate.

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