At Mass we prayed for "Christian Unity"

One of the petitions was for healing the gaps between Christains [meaning non-catholics, I assume] and Catholics. Being a Catholic with friends of various Christain denominations, I was hard pressed to find much being done on either end toward unity.

I don’t ask this to accuse anyone of being hypocritical, but am genuinely interested if any such headway is being sought.

Also, can anyone recommend any organizations or groups that strive to celebrate the common ground all Chrtistains [including Catholics] share? Seems as a teen, I recall the word Eccumenical [sp?] was being used by groups to celebrate common ground. Do movements still exist? Are they approved by the Catholic Church?

This week is Christian Unity week please see the below site for the speach of Pope Benedict concerning this week. Many churches are coming together in prayer this week.

The Peace of Christ to all.


The Holy See has a permanent dicastery appointed to promote Christian Unity - see

Most conferences of bishops have a related commission for ecumenical affairs, and its work is frequently represented in each diocese at the local level. Your priest or diocesan office should be able to tell you what is available near to you.

Keep in mind that real Christian unity can only take place in the Catholic Church, i.e., with other non-Catholics uniting with the Catholic Church. Anything else falls short of the mark.

That being said, I have seen a lot of false ecumenism, especially in this country, where Catholics are willing to compromise their beliefs, in order to “not offend” a non-Catholic. Pope John Paul II said that we should always speak Christ’s truths (i.e., the Church’s teachings) with charity, but without compromise. Because, when we do, grace accompanies the telling, and when that person is going to need that grace, it’ll be there.

In my opinion, sitting around the proverbial campfire, singing Kumbaya with non-Catholics is all find and gives us a warm-fuzzy, but until the differences get really ironed out (i.e., the heresies they have in their beliefs get overcome), there will never be Christian unity, because unity can never, ever happen apart from Christ’s truth. There can never be unity through compromise of the deposit of faith handed to the Church by Christ. We aren’t called to be weak-kneed, glassy-eyed, back-slapping buddies of our fellow man. We’re called to love them, even if it hurts. And that often means telling them something that may disturb them and cause them not to “be our friend.” Eventually, it’ll sink in, probably when they’re not in your presence. But not if you never tell them! :o

Just something to think about… :slight_smile:

Christian Unity Week can also be applied to unite us Catholic more.
Pray for no more division amongst ourselves: Neo-Cath, Cath-lick, Pro-Choice Catholic, etc.

If we want our protestant brothers and sisters to understand the beauty of the Catholic Church, then we need to set up example…

“They will know we are Christians by our love…” :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m saying it wrong. I have many friends who are of other Christian denominations, and I would love to share our common strengths and beliefs…but how?
We share in each others daily lives, and it would be great if we could celebrate our “common ground” of faith…

Often the best way is to live your faith with conviction! The truth is infectious in this way. No two people are evangelized in the exact same way, plus, they need a movement of grace to come fully to Christ.

If you don’t read Catholic news, check out Zenit which is a good Catholic news service. There are many articles on ecumenical efforts that may spark ideas for you. :o

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