At raucous rally, Trump threatens to 'get involved' with Justice Department, FBI

The special counsel should have never been set up. It is a political witch hunt meant to be an extra lever of internal control on the Trump administration after electoral defeat.

It was largely aided and abetted by the hysterical and irrational reactions of electoral defeat to Donald Trump.


Why is he still having rallies?

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I would think because it is an election year!

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For those unaware of how the US government works, the FBI is part of the Justice Department which is part of the Executive Branch which is headed by the President. As the Chief Executive, the President has the authority to “get involved” in any department of the Executive Branch he chooses.


Precisely. Therefore it follows that if Trump is unhappy with Sessions he should just fire him rather than harass him like an Internet troll. He doesn’t need to keep bringing this up on Twitter, at rallies, etc.

Apparently he spoke for over an hour, and not a mention of the Senator who just passed away.

So much for being so presidential we’d be bored.


Can we set some kind of policy for how many times a President must mention a deceased politician before it can be considered “Presidential”?

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Elsewhere he mentioned him (gave his condolences). That’s sufficient I think.

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He hasn’t been buried yet.

He’s at a rally with an audience.

Would it really hurt to put in a moment of silence?


I didn’t say it would hurt, but nor does he have to bring it up in every conversation.

He hasn’t been buried yet, and he’s lying in repose in the Capitol building.

It doesn’t cost anything to be decent.

I get the impression from the reporting on McCain’s death/funeral/memorials that he did not really care to be associated with Trump or those who would attend a Trump rally. It was reported that Sarah Palin was even specifically asked not to attend. Why is it such a big deal that he was not mentioned in death by someone who he most likely did not want talking about him in life?

It just would have been classy a decent thing to do. That’s all. A moment of silence.

Why would he not?

McCain disliked Trump.

F-Martura…and…it would be have been “the decent thing to do” has the last 24 months of rancor not happened. Seems like we forget Life Lessons: “There are two-sides to every story.”. Stop and understand…aim before you shoot. Think Deeply and with Compassion for other’s ideas. :

On the other hand, he would have been called a hypocrite and a desecrator of McCain’s memory. There was no way to not offend some, particularly if someone had the bad taste to boo McCain. Some Repubs didn’t like McCain and still don’t. Sometimes it’s better just to say nothing.

So Trump is just President if those who would show up to his rallies?

The Senator who is appearing in a movie about Trump conspiracy theories? The petty Senator who refused to invite the sitting President to his own funeral? The petty, small-minded Senator who refused to invite his loyal 2008 running mate to his funeral? That Senator?

Nobody at that rally wanted to hear a single word about the deceased; best he be forgotten ASAP.

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