At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump

Billionaires, tech CEOs and top members of the Republican establishment flew to a private island resort off the coast of Georgia this weekend for the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum, according to sources familiar with the secretive gathering.
The main topic at the closed-to-the-press confab? How to stop Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

They want to keep hiring their staff from India.

That or they don’t want the Republican Party to be killed for decades.

If immigration issues are not managed better, the republicans will be pretty much dead for decades to come.

That is one of the reasons why the Republicans are terrified of Trump, he takes the Republican party in the totally wrong direction. You’ll notice Jeb Bush for example was putting in serious effort into courting the Hispanic vote.

I think it’s fair to say that if immigration issues aren’t managed better, the US will be pretty much dead for decades to come - possibly permanently.

No matter how Jeb Bush courts them, most hispanics will vote democrat. I don’t think you can win their votes by being like the democrats, or democrat lite. They’d just go for the real thing.

Historically the Republican party has seemed vitriolically anti-Hispanic which pushes them into the arms of the Democrats, in terms of values Hispanics overwhelmingly align with Republicans except on immigration.

True story. Drives me crazy that the party base has the anti-immigration thing going and can’t see the truth of this staring them in the face…the people you want to keep out are more like you than not.

Gee whiz, we have a world increasingly full of lunatics who want to kill us and what we are supposed to worry about is desperate people who come over in search of work without jumping through all the hoops?

Not true, we do need to scale back H1-B visas. As the Disney story exemplified, too many American companies are laying off skilled American workers and replacing them with cheaper foreign labor, in country (after they train their replacement, that is).

It will need to be handled delicately, but the trend needs a reverse.

Not really.

Studies show whether we like it or not, Hispanics percentage wise as a group is the highest user of social programs, meaning public assistance and the like.

In terms of values, Hispanics tend to be a big voting bloc for the pro-choice side, this is reflected in states with very lenient abortion laws like New Mexico and California, where 18% of self-induced abortions in the US occur.

Reagan signed an amnesty for 3,000,000 back in the '80s.

In the end, it doesn’t do much good for them really.

That’s really the problem that is difficult to reconcile, entitlements I think. No one will vote for a party that won’t give them those and yet, our system is not really geared towards that. Sure, we need to help people. Our government should not be a full blown charity either.

Every study I have ever seen on welfare in the US shows blacks bigger users of welfare on a percent base than Hispanics.

Since President Reagan the party has purged itself of liberal Republicans and gotten rather nasty towards Hispanics, just see how Rush treated Bush after Bush said a Hispanic reporter deserved a little more respect than Trump gave him.

Hispanics are much less likely in California to get abortions than whites or blacks.

So then does this mean they will be endorsing Ted Cruz?

For the record, I’m not holding my breath.

You don’t provide any data; let’s see, Reagan granted 3,000,000 amnesty and Bush got 4% or more less than what Reagan received from Hispanic voters. That really worked out well, didn’t it? Oh, my, we can’t accuse Mr. Reagan of nasty, vitriol can we.

I guess, once again, the easier thing to do is just start accusing people of bigotry or something close to it. Anyway, I said nothing about Hispanics are less likely to get abortion, I’m not interested in their private lives, I am interested in my life and my state and that is why I am not in favor of a large voting bloc espousing nasty values that I don’t align with like killing babies! Oh, my being nasty to others.

Now, maybe we should present data instead of basically accusing others of prejudice no matter how it is termed.

Pew has found that 55 percent of Hispanics have a negative view of capitalism, the highest of any group surveyed — higher even than self-identified supporters of Occupy Wall Street (47 percent). Let me repeat: Occupy Wall Street supporters like capitalism more than Hispanics do. Pew also found that 75 percent of Hispanics prefer “a bigger government providing more services” while only 19 percent want “a smaller government providing fewer services.” Among Asians the share wanting a bigger versus a smaller government was 55 versus 36 percent. In contrast, Pew found that only 41 percent of the general public wanted a bigger government.

Read more at:

This shows:

At the least, as an ethnic group, they and blacks are fairly close per poverty rate which would in turn, influence at least, who receives welfare.

These are just real issues, prefer bigger government, etc. which seems to be a real problem in some places, using the services causing discontent.

    • I would asterisk this as well, if one includes those not in this country legally, reportedly to be 11 million to possibly up to 30 million. This consists of various groups; but of course, it represents a use of resources nonetheless.

Perhaps, we should tell the families of people killed by those not in this country legally, like Kate Steinle or Jamiel Shaw, “well, let’s make sure we don’t protest too loudly” that sounds like vitriol. That isn’t polite.

Regardless of the purpose of the meeting the meeting by its nature is what is in part fueling Trump’s popularity. Here you have ‘establishment’ Republicans, which means mostly old worn out has beens and a few of the current party leaders. They meet with tech CEOs who are for the most part very liberal. And they do this in secret. This is American fascism. The GOP will do anything for big business because big business is a willing partner with the state. The GOP doesn’t have secret meetings with with evangelicals, anti-abortion activists, middle class fathers or most of the other folks who give the GOP power. They do secretly meet with homosexual activists like Tim Cook.

This is very true. :thumbsup:

Why would tech CEO’s, who largely fund and support Hillary, care about the survival of the Republican party? It would seem to me if they really thought Trump was the easiest to beat, they’d be trying to assuage GOP fears over his nomination.

Or they could contact Trump and ask how much is a good sum to drop Hillary as Trump has funded her in the past…

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