AT&T agrees to buy DirecTV in $48.5B deal



please antitrust laws. please antitrust laws.


Well, looks another step from standalone TV to mobile and the so-called ‘internet of things.’

I just wish such trends would happen fast here as it does in America.


I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with AT&T over the past few years. They keep trying to sell me high priced TV packages. In this area the other cable provider provides faster internet and equal telephone service. But I don’t like their bundles either!

I just want a high speed internet connection! Period! No TV! No telephone! Just a connection! I can access my own content and get my own telephone service.


That’s the right attitude. I think you can always get one of those very low cost cable jacks for the telephone given you have internet.

I recently got my AT&T bill cut in half by just calling them, believe it or not. But I’m sure I’ll be cutting down on something else sooner or later. I have DISH for TV but just basically for local channels. But even that $20/mo is getting harder and harder to justify as I live in an area with a lot of antenna channels.


Honestly, I just switched to U-Verse, and I love it. I think I like it because here in SOCAL the other option is Cox… I was paying $300/month for internet and basic cable channels… With U-verse, I’m getting internet, DVR, and premium channels for $110/month.

However, that being said, I think there is definitely a questionable anti-trust situation here.


It’s quite possible that AT&T will switch U-Verse customers over to DirecTV, then use UVerse for Internet and telephone.

Personally I miss the old copper wires with their own voltage that ATT used to use for phone service. The customer still had phone service when the power went out. No longer. Now you need a battery backup because everything goes over the internet: phone, TV, and internet content.

Now, if they would just bring their fiber optic wires all the way to the home, that would be a real improvement. But they don’t. The last part of the transit is still the old copper wires! Which means that a cable company with coax cable can provide faster internet.

But my main gripe is that I just don’t see the point of paying a hundred dollars or more for 300 or 600 channels crammed with ads when I really only want to watch a few channels, most of which are available on Roku.


I really would like to see an “ala carte” option. I love USA, NBC, and TNT shows, but I could honestly care less about the golf channel. lol


What is your concern with this merger and what makes you think it would fall under US antitrust laws?


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