At the altar rail, do you

Keep your hands in a prayer form on the rail, or do you keep your arms down at your sides?

I’m fairly new to the Tridentine.

Hands together on the rail. It’s not a requirement - I think the tradition of praying with hands clasped came in sometime in the Dark Ages - but that is the normal custom.

That is the ordinary posture as I remember it as well.

But, in these kinds of matters, you can’t go wrong by observing the posture and movements of those around you and follow their cue.

These kinds of things often vary locally.

in prayer form

Some communion rails are covered with cloth, in which case you place your hands under the cloth.

I keep my hands folded, but under the rail, not on top of it.

The hands are clasped together in prayer position with reverence.

The first time I received traditional communion I felt different, my heart was lifted up and there was a feeling of mysticism and holiness surrounding me even now.


Instaurare omnia in Christo

At the church I attend we keep our hands under the rail. I do for the purpose of holding onto the bottom of the rail so as to not lose my balance and fall…which would be quite a sight.:blush:


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