At what point does jealousy become a sin?


I’m a bit confused about the sin of jealousy. It sometimes seems to be an involuntary feeling, so I don’t understand how it could be a sin.


We all have momentary fits of anger, jealousy, greed, etc. They can come as spontaneous feelings/temptations. However, it becomes sinful when you “entertain” such things; turn them over in your mind, start to feed them, dwell on them. Rather, work immediately to dismiss them by, for example, saying a prayer for the person that God may give them all good things for the fulfillment of His will.


That makes sense. Thanks so much for answering my question!


Sure! Just remember that things aren’t sins just because they appear in our minds. Our thoughts are a product of lots of fleeting things, including temptations. A prayer to Mary (or many prayers) is extremely effective in such cases. Just refuse from the get-go to entertain temptations!


Involuntary - great word choice - describing jealousy !

The seven deadly sins -


It’s a vice that can lead you to sin if you don’t keep it in check.


You can’t stop feeling that passing feeling of envy. It’s like asking someone to completely remove the ability to feel sadness and/or anger. Impossible. You can control how you respond to it though. This (how you respond to the feeling) determines whether it was a sin or not. If the thought “Person A is so cool. He’s liked by everyone” comes to mind, it isn’t a sin to carry out the action of “I want to learn from him and be likeable too” (provided your intentions are good of course) but it is a sin to want to carry out the action of “I’m gonna sabotage him and spread false rumours about him. If I can’t be liked at the same level as him, then he shouldn’t!” THAT is a sin related to jealousy


Jealousy is when others have better things than you. It hurts your pride. This pride is a sin which caused the fall of Lucifer in the first place.


Our God is a jealous God - He wants to keep what is His.

Envy, on the other hand, not so good.


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