At which moment is a Plenary Indulgence granted?


When one is in a state of Grace, and does all the things required for receiving a Plenary Indulgence (i.e. attending Confession, Mass, and receiving Communion) and one does an act of devotion that grants a Plenary Indulgence (i.e. Praying for the Pope’s intentions) when is the exact moment the indulgence is granted? Are there other steps one has to go through to officially receive the indulgence? Or is it granted by God once all the required devotions are finished? And does one have to be in a complete state of Grace, including receiving Communion PRIOR to doing whatever devotion that grants an indulgence? Or is it done AFTER?


First thought is that it occurs the moment that you complete the last of the three usual requirements.


So when you complete the 3 requirement, do you then participate in the appropriate devotion set apart by the Church that grants a Plenary Indulgence? (i.e. Recieving the Urbi et Orbi blessing via radio or television, and the many others) Or is it customary to participate in the respective devotion prior to fulfilling the 3 requirements?

Or does it really matter what order it’s in and should I stop being so mechanical. Lol. :o


Indulgences - General Conditions


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