Ate pepperoni pizza!

So I forgot it was Friday and ate pepperoni pizza. Do I have to do another form of penance?


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Since you still have a few hours, I would do some penance or prayers if I were you. You could say a Rosary or maybe go to an evening Stations of the Cross.

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I’d say don’t stress it. I’ve also accidentally broken fast several times this Lent and I just went about my day normally. God knows the heart. If you’re feeling bad about it, extend tomorrow’s fast by a few hours. That’s what I usually do.

Eating meat on a Friday in Lent is disobeying one of the Precepts if the Church.

Aren’t meatless Fridays personal penances?

FCS is an RC and doesn’t have to fast tomorrow - next fast day for RCs is Good Friday (yes, we’re wimps and only have a mandatory fast 2 days out of the year).

And doesn’t have to abstain again till next Friday.

The general rule for us is that outside Lent we are supposed to either abstain on Friday or substitute another penance, but it’s not a sin if we don’t (again, pretty wimpy). Within Lent the Friday abstinence is mandatory, but if you accidentally mess up, not a sin because it wasn’t intentional. Doing a little extra penance would be a nice optional thing to do though.


I accidentally ate meat on Wednesday. Totally forgot. My pastor told me it was ok. It was accidental


What? That’s interesting. RCs aren’t obliged to fast during Lent?

Edited “strange” into “interesting” to avoid potentially offending touchy RCs. :sweat_smile:

Like I said, we have only 2 fast days - Ash Wednesday and Good Friday - and the “fast” is we don’t eat meat and we are supposed to only eat 2 little meals and one larger meal, like basically eat about half of our normal intake.

And on Fridays in Lent, no meat, but we don’t have a restriction on size of meals. (A handful of countries, notably UK, still have “no meat” requirement for every Friday year round, but US and most countries don’t have that requirement outside Lent, though we’re supposed to substitute an “optional penance” if we eat meat, but most people don’t bother)

I personally do a few extra fast days (I fast 1 day a week year round for a devotion and I did the Ember Days, which are a traditionalist practice that was thrown out by Vatican II) and that’s way more than required for RCs.

Like I said…we’re wimps.

Off to the big parish fish fry now, but I’ll go to Stations after :slight_smile: :fish::blowfish::tropical_fish:


I mean this jokingly, but you are wimps. :joy:
Don’t want to sound like a proud Pharisee but me and other Maronites here usually abstain from all food and drink intake from 12 midnight till at least 1 or 2 the next day.


Yeah, one day maybe I’ll be able to do that. Unfortunately I have difficulty fasting, possibly due to anemia. Last year I did a devotion for 90 days where I fasted 3 days a week and it was really hard. I fall asleep basically and lose concentration, which makes it hard for me to work my job. The fast I did also cut out coffee and all caffeinated drinks and all sugar which meant I couldn’t even rely on those to wake me up and keep me going. I decided not to do it this year because I am dealing with a lot of heavy stuff and don’t have the stamina.

1 day a week bread fast from midnight to 6 pm is about all I can handle. I know people who for this devotion I do, do the bread fast 3 days a week. I can’t do that. I’d become ill. For Ember Days I ended up fasting 4 days out of 7 and that was difficult.


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Thanks guys!

I thought it was?

If done deliberately, yes. If done accidentally, it’s not a sin. You can’t accidentally sin.


I said “Outside Lent” it’s not a sin if we RCs (in USA) don’t. If you’re not in USA, then check the rules for your country outside Lent.

Within Lent it is a sin (in USA) for RCs to break Friday abstinence if you did it deliberately (not made a mistake) and don’t have a legit exception (like age, illness, etc.)

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to have to defend your fasting habits. Like I said, I only meant it jokingly. Fasting does not have to entail refraining from all food and drink. I apologize terribly for any discomfort. :pray:t2:

It’s okay, I didn’t mean to make a big speech about fasting either. I try not to talk about it usually.

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Don’t stress. Confess. Best to keep moving as you might be standing on quicksand.

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