ATF Tries to Stop Fast and Furious Whistle Blower from Publishing Book


The ATF agent who blew the whistle on Operation Fast and Furious has been denied permission to write a book on the botched anti-gun trafficking sting “because it would have a negative impact on morale,” according to the very agency responsible for the scandal.

After first trying to stop the operation internally, ATF Agent John Dodson went to Congress and eventually the media following the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010. Two guns found at the murder scene were sold through the ATF operation.

Dodson’s book, titled “The Unarmed Truth,” provides the first inside account of how the federal government permitted and helped sell some 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels, despite evidence the guns killed innocent people.

Dodson, who is working with publisher Simon & Schuster, submitted his manuscript to the department for review, per federal rules. However, it was denied.

Can they do this? What is the determining factor on what is “nagative.”


has been denied permission to write a book

What country am I in again?


You are in a country that is no longer free.


There are several reasons a federal employee is required to submit a proposed book for review. The primary reason being to ensure that it does not inadvertently contain classified or protected information.(Protected information could be unclassified information that the government isn’t permitted to disseminate like source selection, other government info, personal info, proprietary info etc.)

I didn’t think ‘damage to morale’ was among the reasons to review/deny publication.




*They *can do whatever *we *let them do. This is a freely elected government. As long as *we *continue to buy into the idea that there are ever only two choices then *we *will get more of the same.


What happens is you have any publication, including resumes, vetted by the folks who work in Security for the agency in question and they scrub it to ensure it doesn’t violate an non-disclosure agreements.

Outright prohibition rarely happens, especially on the grounds of “damage to morale.” Such a flimsy, nebulous excuse could be used any time you want to silence someone. Not very American.


Or damage to sitting president.


So what happens now? Can he still publish it even if they object?


Let us not forget that ICE agent Jaime Zapata was also killed in a “fast and furious” gun incident. And that the fast and furious operation was intended to gather evidence that Mexican drug gangs were acquiring most of their firearms from legal gun shops in the border states. And that this evidence was to be used to impose additional gun control in these border states. And that gun stores that alerted the feds that there were questionable purchases being attempted were told be officials to allow them to happen. To allow the guns to slip across the border. Did it occur to the BATFE that they had no jurisdiction across the border in a foreign country?:frowning: And just how many Mexicans have been killed by fast and furious guns? For the BATFE the ends justified the means.


People used to get around the censorship rules in the bad old days of absolutist kings and Cromwells by publishing a work anonymously, preferably from a different country.


So the operation was rigged to show that the guns in Mexico were coming from border states, even though gun stores wouldn’t have sold the guns except the ATF told them to do it.


Found another article that claimed the ATF was citing the outside employment clause in their regulations/agreements with employees. That is, the agency has the right to approve/disapprove an employee’s obtaining outside employment. Gives them a broad authority to approve/disapprove based on supervisor discretion. So, they consider his writing/publishing the book at the same time as he’s an employee as outside employment.



This was a plan they crafted when Obama was first immaculated.


So it starts.


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