Atheism Books Found in Home of Church Fire Suspect

Atheism Books Found in Home of Church Fire Suspect

*Posted: Feb 24, 2010 10:41 AM CST *
TYLER, Texas (AP) - Court records indicate one of the suspects arrested on an arson charge in the burning of churches in East Texas had assault rifles and books on demons and atheism in his home.

Investigators also say 19-year-old Jason Bourque left graffiti in the bathroom stall of a ranch store. The Dallas Morning News reports Wednesday that court documents say Bourque carved an upside-down cross topped by flames into the bathroom wall, along with the words “Little Hope was Arson.”

Little Hope Baptist Church was the first of 11 churches that were torched in what authorities believe was an arson spree.

Bourque and 21-year-old Daniel George McAllister were arrested and charged Sunday with a single felony arson charge. Attorneys are not commenting publicly because of a gag order.

Why would someone go around burning down churches? How sad.

Yeah I can’t figure this one out either why would they do this, looks like a couple of young punks.

I would somebody that is an atheist be reading books about demons? I would’ve assumed he didn’t think they existed.


Two points, firstly what is an atheists doing with a book on demons as well? Atheists don’t believe in demons, they are just as supernatural as gods and atheists do not believe in the supernatural.

Secondly, those were not the only books found:Jason Bourque’s family home in Lindale was also searched, yielding a small plastic bag of “suspected” marijuana seeds, more Skechers shoes, and three Bibles. (Emphasis added)

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    Now, what conclusions do you think we can we draw from the books that were found in the suspect’s homes?


We can come to the conclusion that these two young goofballs is; they don’t know what they believe either. Just a couple of punks IMHO.

I have learned that most of the people that say their Atheists; until someone tries to kill them then they have an Epiphany. Just what I have seen that’s all.

And thanks for saying that. The truth is, most of the people in prison consider themselves Christians and I’m sure more than a few had Bibles. But you never see the headline “Man Accused of Murder had Bible in House” or “Bible Found in Suspected Rapist’s Apartment”.

Never mind the Bibles (they were probably Protestant versions anyway), what about those Skechers shoes! Obviously guilty if they wear shoes like that! :slight_smile:


I bet they had candles and incense too?

Hold on I’ve got candles and incense! Am I in trouble? :confused: :hmmm:

Almost all American families own a Bible, I would presume. Even many atheists (most of whom were raised, to some extent, as Christians) own Bibles. However, Christians (I am guessing) would be less likely to own books about atheism.

And of course, common sense tells me it is highly unlikely that these youths were driven by deep Christian faith to burn down a church. This is not to say that they were driven by a lack of faith. But if they intentionally targeted a church for their arson, it is not too far of a leap to think that maybe they have been revolting against something in particular. And the fact that they had books about demons as well as atheism only makes it seem more likely. Afterall, most modern youths (especially those prone to arson) don’t care much for ideological consistency; both their fascination with demons and their fascination with atheism may be emblematic of their revolt against, perhaps, religion, morality, tradition, who knows.

One thing I generally believe is that one cannot merely call all criminals mentally ill; many are, but there are other motivations as well; “Ideas have Consequences” says Richard Weaver. Books *can *influence people’s actions; just ask Chernyshevsky and Lenin.

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