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It seems to me that if I were an atheist and believed that the only existence that I would experience was the term of my body that abortion of children would still be an abomination. I wonder why it is that most atheists do not care that their fellow humans are not being given a chance to experience their “one-and-only” chance to be alive. I am coming to the conclusion that I dislike these people, not because they do not believe in God, but because they seem to have fairly small hearts and they don’t seem to even notice that about themselves. Instead, they think they are just Glorious.

/rant off

“Providentially, some science based atheist groups have very recently trended toward a Pro-Life position (11, 12, 13). Although the Catholic Church’s Pro-Life stance is founded on Old (Torah) & New Testament Doctrine, science based atheist groups arrived at parallel conclusions founded on fundamental logic. For example; many Freudian Psychotherapy textbooks teach that when severely emotionally distraught patients regress into a fetal position, they are reverting to a time when they felt most secure, in their mother’s womb. Hence, if medical patients can recall their emotions and feelings before birth, it supports the rationale that a fetus (Latin word for baby or young child) is a living person. Other conclusions were based on how the fetus responded to stimuli, pain, etc., coupled with the impracticality of producing incontrovertible evidence supporting contentions that a fetus is not a person”"

Exactly my point. This is why im not atheist…

Because they are atheists. They don’t believe there is a soul that is being deprived of life on earth. Atheists as a group are not less valuable or moral or beloved of God. We’d be hard-pressed to find more contempt for human life than has come out of the Church through the centuries during some of our worst times.

Don’t let the Liar talk you into hate or contempt. If that happens, what’s the difference between you and what you hate?

Seeing as atheists don’t believe in a soul, to them it is up for debate on exactly what time a baby is considered a human being. At first a baby scientifically speaking is only a bunch of cells that multiply to eventually form the fetus. I would hazard to guess that most atheists find that abortion is ok during this period when it is a zygote but not when it is officially considered a fetus? Except for instances in which the baby would kill the mother. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t identify the behaviour of various individuals who have been members of the Church as having “come out of the Church.” This is the language of anti-Catholics and I just wanted to clarify the matter.

am I allowed to argue with myself?

Actually, in Paul and Revelation, there is a lot said about the behaviour of the Churches. Also, if you think about the Church as being the people who have a new covenant through the cross, then like the Israelites, we can fall away from God. I was thinking earlier about the Church as a system of faith, which has always been true to the word of God.

But why do you say or think this?
I know many atheists who do not think abortion is a good thing and they care very much if someone has one.
What you describe, above, is not my experience with the hearts of Atheists at all. The ones I’ve met are the most compassionate people I’ve ever encountered.

In fact, they think this “one and only life” is more precious than ever.

Please keep in mind…that it swings both ways. There are many atheists who are against abortion…and there exists many people who call themselves Catholics who are pro-abortion.

I don’t think you can always generalize with any one group like this.

You didn’t. It’s not “anti-Catholic” at all, as I am not, since I am Catholic. It is, however, a fact. “Came out of the Church” means from the highest level. Known by, approved by, perpetrated by those with the power to stop it. It is beyond the scope of this topic to start enumerating these horrendous sins which are quite familiar to most, anyway. The point, which you seem to have missed, is that sin is not the sole purview of atheists.

I answered your first post before I read your second. Then I deleted my response. As a Catholic, I agree with you.

These figures are a decade old, but they do highlight the point that most abortions are obtained by people claiming to be Protestant or Catholic.

I don’t know why you’re ranting at atheists.

In your position, I would be ranting at those of my own faith who see no way forward other than abortion.

Actually no, I wouldn’t be ranting at them either.

I would be trying to help them see that what is growing and developing inside them is a person, a human baby, and that baby has exactly the same right to life as they do.

I think your rant is misdirected considering the facts.

Sarah x :slight_smile:

Wow, those figures are shocking! And yet, they make sense, too.
They may be girls who are too afraid to tell their parents and/or church that they are pregnant…or be seen as “scandalous” or sinful…or worry about some sort of retaliation?

There was that thread on CAF last month about the Catholic school teacher who got fired for having premarital sex. How did her bosses know she had premarital sex? She got pregnant, and by month four it was showing and they asked her–and she told them the truth–yes, she was pregnant. And she and her fiance were to be married.
They fired her.

And the irony is…that she was punished by her boss for having sex/having the baby…and yet, had she had an abortion, she would have kept her job and her reputation. So in essence, she was punished after making a pro-life choice.

One of many reasons, perhaps, that–as per that study–approx 80 percent of the women who got abortions that year were of Christian faith. Perhaps they were afraid of how they’d be treated.

I happy to say i dont believe in god, jesus. Its all fake, a story aload of ****.

What proof can you offer that God is fictitious?

It’s based on how people who don’t believe in God make up their mind on moral issues. This is the process on abortion:

“I see a sad girl whose life will be inhibited by that thing I can’t see. I don’t even remember when I was a baby.” Or, “my life will suck with a baby.”

This person is pro-choice. Note that many people who think abortion is OK, also think that killing cute animals is bad. Why? Because they feel sorry for the animals. They can see them.

“All human beings are valuable.” Or, “Look at the ultrasound. That’s a baby.” Or, some other formulation that gives the baby the benefit of the doubt.

This atheist is pro-life to some extent.

People might gussy up the above arguments, but all of them can be boiled down to those two positions. It’s mostly feelings. First feelings, then rationalization.


Pro life to some extent :confused:

You’re either pro life, or you’re not.

Either all human life is precious, or no human life is precious.

That’s why I take issue with those who claim to be pro life, yet support the death penalty.

It’s a hypocritical position in my view.

I say all human life is precious.

Sarah x :slight_smile:

You don’t believe in self-defense?

I’m talking about State sanctioned murder, also known as the death penalty, not an individual self-defense situation.

There is almost no situation in which defending myself, or my family, would necessitate killing the aggressor.

My husband has taught us well.

Sarah x :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. I believe that if Ted Bundy had not been executed he would have killed again. I do consider his death to be self defense. I believe that prisoners who have life sentences have no reason not to kill. They have nothing to loose. A lot of things in prison are covered up. I know of one case that was listed as natural causes when the inmate was beaten to death with a stool cover. Yes I believe that execution can be self-defense and that it is easy to be self righteous when you are not in a dangerous situation. I know that there are guards alive today because the inmate did not wish to be executed for their death.

While I also think the OP was making overgeneralizations and came across overly harsh towards atheists, I thought I should point out that in those stats there is actually a greater abortion rate among those who claimed no-religion than among either the Catholics or the protestants. So while the total number of abortions among Catholics was greater, that was because there were more who identified as Catholic than as No-religion. For every 1000 Catholic women 22 had an abortion, for every 1000 “no-religion” women 30 had an abortion.

Again, I think it is still wrong to make an over generalization about atheists, I am not in any way condoning such generalizations. :slight_smile:

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