Atheism---should I have said something



My law professor said in class today that his wife got mad when she went to a Mormon church because she felt that they spend a lot of money on renovations when instead the money should have went to the poor. Most people laughed but I didn’t. This didn’t bother me until I got home. I am very opinionated person and I feel that I might have let God down by not standing up in class. Would do you think?


You think God would be let down because you didnt stick up for the Mormon Church,
or because you didnt stop people from laughing?

I personally wouldnt have laughed either, but as a Catholic I only defend the Catholic Church. I am incapable of defending the Mormon Church as I dont know how they operate, and dont know any of their beliefs.


Isn’t the underlying attack against Christianity in general? I mean, atheists hate God not just Mormons.


I see your point, but there is no distinction that the professor or his wife are athiest to me. Maybe she just thinks money would be better spent on people. I’ll admit that it was a very rude comment though.

The class probably turns it into a joke because they have been taught and even trained in school to overlook and not to identify with religion. That makes for a very uncomfortable situation. The seperation of Church and State has made it almost shameful to identify oneself as Christian in the secular world.

To seek out and rebuke the athiests in the class however would certainly prove unsuccesful. You wont change things overnight. America needs a religeous awakening.


I understand totally how you feel, OP. In my college classes, not a day goes by that some quick jab at God is said, either by a professor or a student. This is at the University of Florida, just so you know. Some times I would leave class disgusted with myself for not getting the courage to say something, but I’m trying to change and will change. My g/f who is even more new to Catholicism than me has already talked back in class about a professor’s claim that “morals haven’t declined since previous generations, in reality, in opposition to what many think.” Hog wash if you ask me, and a billion other Catholics, or anyone who’s had their eyes open or read about birth control and the 60s sexual revolution.

Stand up next time, if you feel ready. Learning more about our faith will only embolden you more and make you feel more at ease to speak up confidently and knowledgeably, of course with the Holy Spirit within you.


You’re under no compulsion to engage people who think that way. The same people who would criticize a church for spending money on furnishings (which may have been funds collected specifically for that) would never dream of petitioning their colleges to donate money they spend on new furniture to the poor. I wonder if they do that at home. Do you really think when they are about to buy a sofa they pause and say, “Well, there are those people down at the shelter who might make better use of this money?” Hardly!

Just consider the source and consider they’re probably speaking about something they know nothing about.


First off Mormons aren’t Christians.

Next, this was not the time to correct the professor.

But you might point out, next time the matter comes up about churches “wasting all that money,” that Judas said the same thing about precious ointment being “wasted” on Jesus.


Atheists love to make fun of religion and many take every advantage of doing so. You could try and speak up in private conversation or in smaller groups. Talking back to a prof in class is no way to do it unless your comment would be a part of a specific debate. But whatever you say, be calm and choose your words. Being emotional makes you wulnerable to further jabs from your colleagues.


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