Atheism vs Science is more about "That's funny" rather than "Eureka!"

Today I heard someone on NPR say: Science is more about “That’s funny” rather than “Eureka!”

Makes sense.

I get it. Science looks at the world and tries to figure out what’s going on, especially when an unusual phenomenon occurs. It doesn’t always give us the “Aha!!!”.

But that boggles when there are atheistic scientists who find something that’s definitely “funny”…and it points to the supernatural…and rather than delve in to it…they say, “Some things are just better left undisturbed”.

Does anyone else find this response peculiar?


I was remiss in only making a veiled reference.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Here, an atheist, a scientist, a person whose raison d’etre is to look at things and say, “Hey, that’s funny. Let’s look into it further…”

find something extremely “funny”…it’s spooky, and supernatural, and clearly other-wordly…

but since it almost certainly points to the Numinous…

says…oh, well, I guess we shouldn’t be scientific all the time.

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