Atheist and Christian authors debate at UCF

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - More than 6,000 people were expected to attend Thursday evening’s sold out debate at the University of Central Florida between Christopher Hitchens, atheist author, and Dinesh D`Souza, religious apologist.

Hitchens is an avid proponent of atheism, and has written several controversial books, including “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” and “The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice.” His keen sense of humor and dry wit have made him a popular speaker and columnist.

“While it may not be said that God does not exist, there is no plausible reason ever advanced by any primate of mammal that he does, or it does, or she does or ‘x’ does,” Hitchens told the crowd.

DSouza is a religious supporter and defends the conservative ideology he associates with the major world religions, particularly Christianity. He has written several books, including "Whats So Great About Christianity" and “The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and It`s Responsibility for 9/11.” His speaking style is clean, optimistic, and slightly visionary.

“It’s useful to challenge this ‘new atheism,’ but my way of challenging it is not by appealing to the bible or revelation, but to challenge it on the basis of reason alone” said D`Souza. “So I am meeting the atheists on their own ground.”

This was not the first public debate between Hichens and DSouza . Previous debates include "Is Christianity the Problem?" at Kings College and “God on Trial” at the University of Colorado. Both debates provoked intense discussion, not only during the debates, but for some time afterward.

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My post is more about the title of the book that Hitchens wrote about Mother Teresa.

I don’t understand why people bash her or other others (St. Maximilian Kolbe comes to mind as well). Does it make them feel good to say that a holy person isn’t so holy? These people come nowhere close to the charity work that she performed and yet criticize her.

well hopefully its a good debate.

Oh yes, I just love how Hitchens can shrilly scream from those pages (and to read his writings–“screaming” is a proper description) about Mother Teresa’s flaws, but what has he done lately for the poor, for the ill, for the suffering? And where are his references, footnotes, proofs? If you want good atheist reading, try George Bernard Shaw. I may not agree with him, but he definitely did not engage in polemics, hyperbole, or cheap insults. The debates between Shaw and Chesterton remained very gentlemanly, very polite. I suppose Hitchens, thinking God is dead, also believes manners are as well.:shrug:

Hitchens enjoys pointing out people’s flaws, but treats himself with such gentleness and forgiveness. Hmmm…are we the only ones being taught “judge not, lest ye be judged?”

I’d be interested in listening to the debate, or reading the transcripts.

I wonder what Dinesh D’Souza thinks of this:

between Christopher Hitchens, atheist author, and Dinesh D`Souza, religious apologist.

I don’t think he considers himself an apologist. One of the blurbs about What’s So Great About Christianity states it well:

“Responding to the current epidemic of atheist manifestos, Dinesh D’Souza applies just the right balm for the troubled soul. Assembling arguments from history, philosophy, theology, and science—yes, science!—he builds a modern and compelling case for faith in a loving God. If you’re seeking the truth about God, the universe, and the meaning of life, this is a great place to look.”
— Francis Collins, director of
The Human Genome Institute

He is an excellent debater. Go Dinesh! Go! :thumbsup:

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