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Hi! I was watching a video on youtube of a guy who video taped his conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses. The JW’s kept saying “Oh, our God made that!” And he was like “No, the Flying Spaghetti monster made it!” In other words he made an argument that no one knows if they are right or not. What would you do (as a Catholic) in that situation? Thanks for the answers this one baffled me! :slight_smile: God Bless!

I would ask for evidence for the FSM, unless they call God the FSM.

Right but then all they would do is say it right back. Then what would you say? Thanks for the response!

The you launch into all the evidences for God. Ask them then for the same about the FSM. Then ask which belief is more reasonable.

Proving the existence of the Christian God is a multi-step process. Among the earlier steps is establishing the existence of a being greater than ourselves. A later step would start to differentiate between the Christian God and the FSM.

I doubt he’d get far with this line of thought. Pastafarians make it up as they go along. That’s pretty much the point.

There is no FSM? After all this time…

In that case no answer is necessary.

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