Atheist, I dont believe in God…etc. However, there are strange quencidences that keep happening and I started to think there’s an attached bad entity and it knows all wy thoughts causing all these bad events that I keep experiencing.
So -suppose evil entities exist- can they know what I think?
(I know how it sounds, but what I experience is real)

While you wait an answer for your question please consider praying to God about the possible evil spirit/Satan to remove him/the evil spirit from your life.

Also please consider praying about your unbelief. “God if you’re real save my soul if I have a soul.”


It would depend on the capabilities of the evil entity, wouldn’t it? You haven’t narrowed it down much more than ‘evil entity’ and ‘evil entity that knows your thoughts’ is potentially a subset of that.

The devil is real. You need God’s help to ward him off.


If evil entities exist, then it logically follows that * good* entities must exist.

I personally call those good entities God and angels. Take the advice of the poster above. If you believe there are bad entities then there are also good entities and you must call on them and ask them for help. I will be praying for you.


As an atheist I dont believe in anything. However I know there’s a ‘thing or an evil entity’ with bad effects, I don’t know what it is but I know it’s there, but there’s no logical/scintific explanation… I do think it knows what I think

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Do you believe that the supernatural exists? If it does, then evil and good entities can both exist. If you do not, then you are having an overactive imagination event. Only you can decide your answer.


Okay, so what are these bad events it has been causing?

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The “evil spirits / demons” are basically fallen Angels. Spiritual creatures created by GOD before the creation of the Universe and mankind.
They are very powerful and extremely intelligent.
They see us as maggots which usurped their rightful place in the order of creation.
They cannot read your mind, however due to their extreme intelligence they can guess what you are thinking. Think how we sometimes can guess and be fairly accurate when dealing with siblings, spouses or close friends. The same applies here. They are deceivers and can murmur in our mind, seeking for our attentions, and hoping to steer us away from GOD.
In Catholic terms this kind of influence is called “oppression”.
This article may be can be helpful to understand better what we are dealing with:


Make an appointment with a mental health specialist for an evaluation.


:arrow_up_small: This is correct. They also observe us, learn our patterns, our behaviours, actions & reactions and thus learn to anticipate how we’ll react.


Why do you believe in evil entities but not God. Evil entities cannot read our thoughts.
Evil entities are demons and satan, they are the fallen angels. God created them. They exist.
Find God. Ask for the protection of Jesus Christ

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A particularly frightening ability of demons involves how well they know our personal habits. We have only to think of people whom we know very well. When they talk to us, we often know more of what is on their minds than they say, due to hints in their affect: we notice their tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language.

Because of demons’ greater intelligence, memory, and powers of observation, they are much better at interpreting human behavior and thought than we are. The demons can listen to us and observe us carefully, and may be able to see or hear subtle physical signs that show our emotions. Therefore, even though God alone knows all of our thoughts, demons can readily analyze what we are thinking and feeling, and make accurate predictions.

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Welcome to CAF. Evil is real. The head of which is Satan. Demons are most of the time behind most evil, although men can choose to do evil to others. A demon however does not have the power to read the mind of a person because God in creating us put a screen on our thoughts. Only God can read the mind of an individual because He is the creator. However, when we open certain doors to our spirit/soul through capital vices (pride, sexual immorality (masturbation, porn, lust, adultery, fornication etc), greed, avarice, envy, sloth, murder (abortion included)), we give legal rights to the demons aka evil to bind to us. They can then influence our thoughts more powerfully and lead us to do even more evil or unimaginable nonsensical stuff. They are very intelligent. So they observe our every move and can predict our patterns of behaviour.
You do not believe in God, but you should, because God became incarnate as man in the person of Jesus in order to deliver us from the very evil you are worried about. So if you reject the person who has the power to take you out of your prison, how do you expect to come out? Pray God manifests Himself to you and make an effort to listen to Him, put down your pride, and listen and you will notice He loves you and only asks you to let Him help you. God is love.

If you don’t believe in God, then how do you manage to believe in an evil entity?

We do not know if the demons have direct access to your thoughts, however, it seems reasonable to conclude that they do. Given that they are able to tempt they must be aware of what sorts of things would be tempting for the individual. This knowledge may be clear, or it may be a cloudy, muddled understanding, we don’t know.

Evil is merely the absence of good, it is not a thing unto itself. It is possible to have good that is unhindered by evil. It is not possible to have evil without good because without the existence of “Good” there is no metric to determine that things are not as they should be. (A very baseline definition of evil.)

Given that you know there is evil, you must also necessarily conclude that there is good. We call that good God, and we would love to talk to you about Him, and about how He can help you deal with the evil experiences you keep having.

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I did not have a question.
your book recommendation is of the occult. It is not Catholic and Catholic values reject its premise. Catholics believe ‘mediums’ and ’ channeling’ are the work of demons and the devil.

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You took poison? If that is literal then please, please tell someone in real life (as opposed to the internet).

You’ve got some entity trying to ruin your life? You need to take that option (poison) out of its hands before it starts using it.

OK here’s an atheist response. I hope this is acceptable here.

As an atheist you should find it easy to accept that what you are experiencing is a result of biochemical processes responding to your environment.

Although these process obviously did not evolve to deal with everything in modern life (Netflix has yet to have a major influence on natural selection) you can usually see the processes going on. When a bad thing happens (and good thing) we have evolved to seek out causes. This has the obvious evolutionary advantage of avoiding the bad thing when it happens again, or repeating it if it is good.

But when there is no obvious cause, our brains continue to look for one. This is what some scientists speculate is the adaptive advantage of religious belief. It explains and comforts us at least with belief in possible control of a threatening world.

Athiestt: everyone has this experience. But in your case it is causing you distress outside the normal range. I cannot give you medical advice but you should seek someone who can. You are having very normal experiences but not processing them in the way most others do.

I am not at all concerned if you adopt religious belief. I do not seek for others to share my views. If religion helps - fine. But whatever you do, seek professional help. And remember, you won’t get it here or on any other discussion forum, religious or not.

Literally?! How long ago? If recent call 911. Please.

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