Atheist Former Schoolmate


There’s this guy I went to school with whom I’m friends with on Facebook. I never knew him well and actually rarely even read his posts. Tonight one of his posts caught my eye. He’s depressed and another former schoolmate suggested that he contact a therapist, pastor or someone to talk out his problems.

My gosh, he was saying he was laughing hysterically at her suggestion of speaking to a pastor, then made derogatory remarks about how he doesn’t believe a God created the universe, He doesn’t know who Jesus’s father was and then said, in caps that NO ONE KNOWS.

I realize atheists have always existed but his comments have kind of upset me and, well, this, with my OCD is the kind of the thing that could eventually shake my faith. He’s wrong, right?
He never did strike me as being very bright, though, so, there is that.


Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” John 20:29


Some people are faithless. Pray for them.
'And he said, ‘No, father Abraham; but if some one goes to them from the dead, they will repent.’ He said to him, ‘If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced if some one should rise from the dead.’ - Luke 16:30-31


Rest easy as we know these things to be true through the Teachings of The Church


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