Atheist Forums?


Just out of curiosity, what is the atheist reverse-equivalent to CAF? Is there more than one good one? I remember way back in the day maintained a forum, but are there good ones today where we can engage atheists on their own “territory?”


I’m going to suggest that you avoid atheist forums unless you have a very tough skin, are well versed in atheist arguments, up to date on critical biblical (non apologetic) scholarship and understand that most of them know the Bible very well as well as what Christianity believes.

I have a good recommendation for a website that is Catholic and engages with Atheists in a mostly calm, rational manner. I have found it to be a great site for understanding both sides of many issues. Check it out!


Thanks Patty. Right, Strange Notions! That’s an offshoot of the Word on Fire folks, who are great! And thanks for the concern. I think I’d do ok in an atheist forum. Although you make a good point - I don’t know the sacred scriptures nearly as well as I’d like. Not that I think that’s necessarily a vulnerability against an atheist. (I’ve always found it bizarre frankly that a non-practitioner of a religion would presume to tell the practitioners of that religion what their own religious texts mean!)


Atheists who join atheist forums are like the Catholics who join CAF.
They just want to relax around like-minded people for awhile.
They’re not looking to be lured away.

If an atheist (or for that matter, any non-Catholic), has sincere questions about Catholicism, there are plenty of resources both online and RL for them to find out the truth.



There are other-than-theists here at CAF, right? So, I was just considering being an other-than-atheist on their forums. Echo chambers are not terribly healthy for either side, I would think.








This isn’t an atheist forum but it contains a lot of atheists.


There are places to debate and places to hang out. I would respect that.

Also, athiest forums tend to often just be “I hate Christianity” clubs. I wouldn’t touch that kind of toxicity with a ten foot pole.


They can get so aggressive online.


It isn’t really possible to hate something as much as some of those due while really believing it doesn’t exist . . .



I think an atheist forum would be viewed as counter productive for them since most of them seem to only care about talking about their beliefs around Christians.


I wouldn’t want to go to an atheist forum. If you really want to engage them on their own turf, why not use the various search engines?


If you search for atheist forums, several results show up. The problem is that if you try to join most of them and indicate you’re not an atheist or don’t give the name of someone who referred you, they don’t allow you to join.


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If you’re looking to respond or level-up your apologetics knowledge, I suggest that you write blog posts in response to specific atheist articles/arguments.


I would agree with those who say stay away for now . If they are at a point where they join a forum to support their non belief you will be either ignored or insulted as they are not ready for the truth and actually you may make them dig their heels in even more.

I love it when I see aggressive atheist memes - it’s like a toddler having a tantrum kicking against Dads authority :joy: . If they truly didn’t believe they would be indifferent to the things of God and not ‘evangelise’ to try to stop others believing.

Pray for them and be a good example if your life but yeah you’d be wasting your energy trying to debate them on their forum


I’ve always said (to myself, mostly) that if you want to know about Christianity, you need to talk to two people. One is a Rabbi, and the other is an atheist. Actually, my third choice would be a Catholic priest. But for sure, you should not ignore the input of atheists. These folks have spent their lives studying religion.


I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that atheist criticisms can serve as a corrective to a religious belief that I hold or at least to the way in which I defend a belief that I hold.


Be aware that any atheist forum you go to will be extremely hostile and full of blasphemies etc. They are often very bitter and angry people, especially when religion is discussed. And since they don’t really have good answers for many questions on religion, they often reply with a bombardment of messages all at once to make you feel overwhelmed. It is an extremely stressful environment no matter which forum you choose!


I can think of nothing duller than an echo chamber. I love the challenge of CAF. I’d find an atheist forum about as exciting as tapioca pudding. If I want constant agreement with my every belief, I can look in the mirror.

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