Atheist group at Dartmouth plans anti Mother Teresa event

I pray for people like this, I would not want to be them, when they stand before our Lord Jesus Christ.

To besmirch, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and her work, is blasphemy of the work of the Holy Spirit.

One one sin the lord says can not be forgiven

I don’t understand why.

That’s horrible. Even as a Protestant I always had a lot of love and respect for Mother Teresa. We need to pray for them.


What are these atheists doing to help the poor? What hospitals are they setting up?

Sacred cow-tipping, perhaps? College students often enjoy being outrageous, for the sake of causing a stir.

From what I can tell, the student organization was founded two years ago, and haven’t updated their webpage since last spring. This suggest that the group is small, poorly organized, and not influential.

Just ignore them. All they want is attention.

I honestly don’t see the reason behind it, I mean if you really aren’t a believer why even go through the extra effort. She actually did great causes for people.

Because some people think it takes courage to slander a dead woman who devoted her life to taking care of people they wouldn’t touch and lived in conditions they wouldn’t last five minutes in and faced down armed men who they would run screaming away from if they saw them in a dark alley. That or they are just censored who think that because their mommies and daddies are rich their opinions somehow matters. Take your pick.

Well, I have plenty to thank God for today, including my family… and that people like Mother Theresa exist in this world which sometimes seems overrun with evil. I am also grateful for the people who can’t take a day off today, and are putting their own lives at risk, for the benefit of others.

These Dartmouth kids need to spend a semester abroad, maybe in a city like Kabul or Calcutta. It might open their eyes to see a capital city with no sewer system, and donkey’s eating human waste in the streets.

I had the privilege of attending an ivy league, as well as a top tier public school. My take on it, is that young people today are extremely well put together, or extremely mixed up. I saw plenty of college age people who were so overshadowed by their narcissistic and greedy helicopter parents, that they had no grounding in the way the world really works.

As noted, this is likely an issue of attention grabbing. That being said, I can’t understand anyone that would take this tactic. The atheist part I can actually understand, I was there myself once. However, even during those dark times in my life, I could recognize when someone was doing good in the world, regardless of their motivation for doing so. By any standard one wishes to use, Blessed Teresa was a wonderful women doing great things for needy people.

During my dark times, I filled my emptiness with drinking and other vice. As one of the guys who went through RCIA with me put it, I was hanging out and partying with the Devil. I did this for well over a decade (1991 - 2004 are a bit blur), not knowing at the time that what I was doing was chasing after something that did not exist. I knew I wanted love, I had gotten that far, and this might sound crazy to some people, but if it were not for my dog and my responsibility to take care of him, I might have ended my own life. I contemplated it more than once. My dog, may he rest in peace, was God’s way of showing me that there was love in the world, unselfish and trusting love, and it gave me something to live for. My wife, whom I met in 2004, was God’s way of leading me into the light; again, something I did not know or recognize at the time.

What I did not know at the time is that authentic love only comes from the grace of God. That is, in all probability, where these people are at now. They have a massive emptiness in their lives, but they barely even know it. In their case, to consider filling it with actions such as these, the void must be almost overwhelming.

We need to pray for them.

I wonder if the writer of this on-campus article is dramatizing the event and blowing it out of proportion. That’s what newspaper writers do, after all, to make their writing more compelling.

It’s good for campus groups to explore and question, of course–that’s what college is best for. And if Mother Teresa is on her way to be canonized, there is a news peg for discussing her.
And Mother Theresa herself all but admits in her own diaries that she was not as people thought she was, which makes her an interesting figure to examine:

Mother Teresa, who worked for years among the poor of Calcutta, wrote in 1958: “My smile is a great cloak that hides a multitude of pains.”
Because she was “forever smiling”, people thought “my faith, my hope and my love are overflowing and that my intimacy with God and union with his will fill my heart. If only they knew . . .”
Mother Teresa, who was greatly admired by Diana, Princess of Wales, said in another letter: "The damned of Hell suffer eternal punishment because they experiment with the loss of God.
“In my own soul, I feel the terrible pain of this loss. I feel that God does not want me, that God is not God and that he does not really exist.”
Il Messeggero, Rome’s popular daily newspaper, said: “The real Mother Teresa was one who for one year had visions and who for the next 50 had doubts - up until her death.”


Because of what she herself wrote, to explore who she was versus the public perception of her is an interesting debate.

But it sounds as though the email for the event used the word “conned” to try and interest students to attend the campus event and make them curious…and then the writer of this campus newsletter took it a step further and used the words “plan to skewer”…

Maybe they just plan to discuss and debate with passion. And if the topic is a controversial figure, as she has become, that is not a bad thing.

If they don’t want to believe in God that’s there problem but Mother Teresa was an incredible person, I can’t even comprehend why they would want to do this. I am flabbergasted at why anyone would wan’t to insult this great woman.

Of course the Atheists would plan such an anti - Mother Teresa activity.

One often attacks that which shames one. :cool:

No honest A-theists wouldn’t. Anti-theists on the otherhand…

It’s funny how they never do an anti- Prophet Muhammad event.:rolleyes:
I bet there would be no public outcry over an event like that.
They could explain that “they just plan to discuss and debate with passion. And if the topic is a controversial figure, as he has become, that is not a bad thing”.:wink:

They’re just miserable and unhappy, and so they try to bring other people down to their level, rather than aspire to emulate happy, useful people of faith. Misery loves company and all that.

Is it really any different than all the anti-Catholics who join this message board?

Why would they want to do that? Islam has little cultural influence in the US. Its not as if the news media has extolled the Prophet Muhammed as “a living saint” (Remember that Time Magazine cover story?) Nor is he regularly mentioned by commentators of all stripe as an example of the best we humans can be.

The influence of Christianity may be waning in the US, but it still tinges our culture and our cultural discourse. Islam does neither.

Same old song dance, when someone points out what cowards Militant Atheists are.

They go after Christians because they know, that they are at know risk for doing so. Plus it’s cool and hip to go after Christians.

It’s true that Christianity’s influence may be waning in the west, but Islam is on the rise and has cost many American lives in the last 12 years. There is also the issues of treatment of woman and human rights. So it would seem that Islam would be a more target rich environment for atheist to go after.

But yet it’s almost always Christians that are victims of the hate, they spew. Make up what ever excuses you would like, but there is a reason for this. :shrug:

Most Christans will turn the other check and pray for you.

Many Muslims, not so much.:whistle:

Bingo. The find the most horrific ways of jumping up and down yellng “look at MEEEEEEEE”.

Whatever evil they are listening to knows well where the true God is.

There is no point in attacking where God is not.

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