Atheist group sues Bush over national prayer day

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The nation’s largest group of atheists and agnostics is suing President Bush, the governor of Wisconsin and other officials over the federal law designating a National Day of Prayer.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sued Friday in U.S. district court, arguing that the president’s mandated proclamations calling on Americans to pray violates a constitutional ban on government officials endorsing religion.

The day of prayer, held each year on the first Thursday of May, creates a “hostile environment for nonbelievers, who are made to feel as if they are political outsiders,” the lawsuit said.

LOL What a joke! This case is already lost.

“hostile environment for nonbelievers”

LOL You aint seen hostile pal!

BUT, if they were to win this, it is time to have a revolution. Well, it’s time now, but it would be even moreso if they win.

Funny, the left can do nonsense like this:

Which does not apply to 98% of the entire nation, but then whines when something is done that applies to (at least)82% of Americans!

We need a class action lawsuit again the militant atheist for creating a “hostile environment for believers”. We can cite the old Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, and Cuba as examples of what happens when atheists try to ban religion. Hundreds of Millions of believers are martyred.

We don’t need lawsuits either way. If you don’t agree with the day of prayer you are free to publicly display signs of a day of something else. Sometimes Christians are just as hostile towards atheists as they want you to believe the atheists are against us.

Dude, the title of the thread:

Atheist group sues Bush over national prayer day

This is beyond disagreement, they are suing. If we don’t play by their rules, we will continue to lose. We need to fight back just as hard. There are just as many atheists against Christians as there are Christians against atheists.

There are just as many atheists against Christians as there are Christians against atheists.

No, there aren’t. It’s just that the atheists seem to make a bigger impact whenever they bring up one of their pretentious lawsuits than the Christians do with their picketing, speaking out, and the like.

I agree with Jim… we are entitled to free speech and expression, but we also need to look at ourselves before we become hostile towards the ones who are hostile towards us. Why do you think atheists are “hostile” towards Christians? Are we possibly doing something wrong? Is a National Day of Prayer acceptable to a nation that seems to “deChristianize” with each passing generation? I’m not saying it isn’t the right thing to do (heck, I’ve participated in them before), but it’s just not worth it to get into a legal battle about it from either side of the spectrum.

Wait and see what kinds of judges Obama appoints if he wins. He has already said he wants to appoint judges like Ginsberg, the former ACLU lawyer.

A few appointments like that, and these people will sweep religion completely out of the public arena. Remember that I told you that when it happens. And wait until you see what his people do to the Catholic Church; the only real, organized protector of life left in this country.

Isn’t Ms. Ginsberg already a Supreme Court Justice? Wait maybe I misunderstood the semantics behind your question… maybe you meant justices like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Hm…

No, we aren’t doing anything wrong. They are trying to use the law to keep us down.

And who said anything about our side using lawsuits? Not me. I said we need to fight back.

He did say like.

I’m just sick and tired of this idea thatatheists are all terrorists or seditionists that hate the country. It ain’t true. they love the country just as much as we do. Let’s stop viewing them as the enemy and live in peace.

They are [in partnership with] the enemy, and the only peace in this life is in God.

Wrong. They simply don’t believe. They are not evil. Stop it, stop it, stop it. These are the kinds of remarks that make us look at them as enemies. I don’t look on them as enemies. They worship nothing. If they admittedly were Satanists and worshipped the devil then they would be enemies.

Jim’s right. Atheists and Satanists are not necessarily allies… just because neither one of them have much of an inclination to participate in a prayer rally, doesn’t mean they are bedfellows.

Another example of a frivolous lawsuit tying up our court system. But just watch, they will find some sympathetic judge who will rule in their favor. :confused:

I don’t know, could be though. But many, when asked about religion, look down on religion. They become hostile(not in a loud or physical way) but think it’s insanity to belive Frame 107. & &

It seems that they DO belive(in atheism) and they try to do much more than simply, not believe. They have great support for secular humanism, which is really socialism/Liberalism. Look at the title of this thread. They brought this to court. That’s more than just not believing.


I don’t he meant actual Satanism. I think he meant that, well let me put it this way:

One who supports abortion, does not worship Satan. Satan, with his wicked abilities, has infiltrated a person or group with his evil. Just because someone is misguided and actually pushes sin on others and tries to teach people that it is a good thing, does not mean that we should embrace them while they cause damage.

I don’t have any data, but **I bet **most Atheists support Liberal sins. Why? Because they hate religion and religion calls those sins evil. I could be wrong, again, I have no data, just experience. And it seems that that evil has infiltrated Christianity.

So they were wrong for bringing it to court? That doesn’t make them evil. They just get offended by the in your face attitude of some Christians. I don’t particularly like anyone proselytizing at my door either.

Yeah they were wrong, in my opinion. It is not a violation of the First Amendment. What they are trying to do, is. And this case is not about “in your face Christians”, this is about Bush’s national prayer day, which they personaly hate.

Look, you have one side religious and the other side athiest. One side, the religious, use their freedom and do whatever. The other side goes to the courts and tries to have the government control the religious.

That is evil to me.

I don’t want people at my door either, but I sure don’t want the government telling them not to do it.

I agree that they should not bring it to court butwhen any denomination knocks at my door I intend to slam it shut and return to my business at hand.

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