Atheist interviewer asked Pope Francis to bless his family


The 90-year-old Italian atheist who twice interviewed Pope Francis has revealed that he asked the Pope to bless his family.

Eugenio Scalfari, one of Italy’s most prominent atheist intellectuals and for 20 years the editor of the newspaper La Repubblica, said the Pope had visited his family and blessed them following his request.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, he said: “I have told the Pope something else. I want him to bless my family. ‘Whatever you want,’ he told me. ‘Just call me and I will receive your family and bless them.’”


That is a step in the right direction for any atheists. I have heard my non-Catholics say that when you meet a Pope, they can really sense his holiness. Sounds like this has happened to this man. I pray he converts before his life ends.

May The Holy Spirit grant Pope Francis the ability to lead this 90 year old man and his family to Christ. Amen.


A show of respect all around. Good to see.




I say it’s never too late :wink:


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