Atheist & Racism?


My teenage nephew brought this to my attention one evening. He told me that he would like to be an atheist since they are not racist. I informed him that this is not necessarily true since anyone can be a racist.

His mother (my sister) is a Fallen away Catholic and the man that she stays with is atheist. He was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness

It is not only my sister and her children who are lapsed Catholics. My other sister is falling away from the Church (or so it seems), I witness other Catholics falling away also.

I just can’t help but to feel sad for them…I don’t mean to be judgemental because I know God is the Judge of all. I’m not here to preach. However, I will pray for them all

I’m not a perfect Catholic either…I admit there have been a few times in my life where my faith came crashing down. But, through it all God has remained there ALWAYs for me.

I noticed on another website where someone basically asked the same question and they said look at Adolf Hitler he was a racist yet he was raised Catholic.’s_religious_beliefs


The greatest example of racism in the 20th century is Nazi Germany. The religion of the state overshadowed the religion of the people. Indeed it was religious people who most often defied this regime, not by taking up arms, but rather by hiding and providing for the needs of the persecuted Jews. Jews were not the only people interned in camps. The Nazis especially hated priests. Dietrich Boenhoeffer, a Lutheran minister, along with many others lost their lives because they refused to compromise their Christian faith.

Faith without reason (fundamentalism) can lead to violence. Reason without faith can lead to violence (rationalism). In a healthy culture, faith is open to rational critique and reason has been opened that revealed what religion teaches --Francis Cardinal George (10/1/06)

We are familiar from the news of the violence of terrorists who would martyr themselves in the cause of Islam. Kamikaze pilots worshiped the Sun god, personified in the Japanese emperor. The reverse of this fundamentalist faith was rationalism and the French Terror that accompanied it. Don’t overlook the purges of the Communist Soviet Union under Stalin or the Cultural Revolution of Mao in China, both atheistic governments.
I don’t know if your nephew will read it, but my daughter loved Wild Swans, the story of a prominent family in 20th century China.

Ayn Rand advocates a different type of eugenics, based on intellectual and physical prowess that worships the individual and selfishness. Her books decry religion as she advocates her atheistic Philosophy of Objectivism.


Inform him that Catholics are not supposed to be racist either. Here is the official teaching of the Catholic Church:


“goforgoal” I’m so sorry to hear about this. :frowning: I will keep your family in my prayers.

And a word of hope. Never give up, dear soul! All things are possible, with God! My younger sister returned to the practice of our holy faith this past Easter… after a 30 hiatus, during which she fell victim to the lies and errors of the so-called “New Age” teachings that are so prevalent now. I feared for her night and day… for 30 years. So, her return was a true miracle. Keep praying for them. :sad_yes:

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer! God bless you.

St. Paul, pray for us…
St. Monica, pray for us…
St. Augustine, pray for us…


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