Atheist subway ads in NYC

What do you guys think of this?

Seems kind of interesting. One of the people behind the ads says they are not anti religion, but obviously that is the message they seem to be going for. I personally don’t think that their motives are bad or anything, I just think they want people that are grappling with the ideas of God and religion to realize that many people do fine without believing in God. These people truly think that if more people were atheist the world would be a better place. This is obviously debatable, but I still think that their intentions are good (even if they might be based on false pretenses). What do you guys think?

I tink the ads are hogwash.

In the USA, they are protected under free speech.

“I do not believe in what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it.”

atheists must be truly miserable people. why spend all the energy convincing people of your beliefs if there are no benefits for anyone if they do believe? I mean, Christians evangalize for the salvation of themselves and others, but an atheist? what’s the point?

it’s sad in a populated place like NY to think that these might have an impact especially on young people. they want to be tolerant of homosexualss, all races, muslims, anyone that might be different… except for Christianity? sad. hypocrites.

This reminds me of the Bizarro cartoon…

How does that poster target Christianity specifically? You mention tolerance of Muslims as opposed to Christians, how is that poster not just as potentially offensive to them?

:rotfl: good one!

[quote=logic_oriented]How does that poster target Christianity specifically? You mention tolerance of Muslims as opposed to Christians, how is that poster not just as potentially offensive to them?

That’s true…I don’t find the ad offensive at all :o It’s like the blank pamphlets in the cartoon… To me it’s just an ad that shows a point of view that is not mine.

Atheist are nothing but drama Queens. They believe in nothing and that makes them nothing. So they put on this spoiled child act to get attention.

Good Without God is also the title of a book being promoted by the same group who put up the billboard. This particular billboard is not offensive to any particular religious group. It does, however, present a message that is not open to interpretation for Christians. People can do good because it is written on their hearts. If they think this desire is the result of biochemical processes initiated by genes, that’s what they think. Is this reasonable? From the Catholic perspective, it at least applies a standard of some kind. But where does this standard come from?

On the other hand, people should read what is being written on sites like Articles with titles like, Is religion a threat to rationality and science? by Prof. Daniel Dennet.

“People are revered for their capacity to live in a dream world, to shield their minds from factual knowledge and make the major decisions in their lives by consulting voices in their heads that they call forth by rituals designed to intoxicate them.”

This is also advertising and promotion for the cause.


LOL… a million New Yorkers without God?.. well i guess the other 18 million are doing just fine with the all mighty!..LOL

Well they believe that not believing in God is actually a good thing. I definitely could see the argument for it in some cases. If someone is gay, and the belief in God is making them unhappy because they think their natural feelings are wrong, and they make themselves crazy because of it…and if they would end up being much happier accepting themselves, and it takes becoming an atheist to do it, then I think it would be a good thing.

That’s the point. Given what they believe (or don’t believe) why should an atheist care if some random person is happy or not? Much less care about anything else.

I could care less about the poster, but I just don’t see why they even bother.

I know that, but we’re trying to figure out if they could possibly come up with an “official” reason that sounded even halfway plausible.

Atheists are irrational.

It’s like saying, there are no spiders in this room.
Theres absolutely no way of proving it.

Agnostics, on the other hand, are logical. I was agnostic until I was mercifully pulled up short by God.

Unless, of course, the statement was “there are no dogs is this room,” and the room was small. That statement is provable. Keep the entryways shut, look around. No dog? Welp, then there’s definitely no dog.

It’s sort of the same thing with the traditional concept of a Christian God. Supposedly he’s supposed to be in touch. Responding to prayers. Watching out over his people. Playing an active role in civilization. And those are rather easily testable hypotheses.

Of course, if you’re talking about a concept of God that just made the world and then walked away and hid, then yeah. That would be more apt to your analogy. But that’s not the generally accepted notion of the Christian God. And that’s not generally the kind of god an self-described atheist is “atheist” to.


But this atheist group is FALSY ADVERTISING! They are saying that there are 1 million in atheists in New York when there are not! Now this 1 million people may well be listed under the NONES or ‘‘NON RELIGIOUS’’ Category, but that by no means mean that they are atheists.

As stated in this article, as of September 22nd 2009, ‘‘Nones may best be described as skeptics. Twenty-seven percent of Nones believe in a personal God. Hard and soft agnostics make up 35 percent of the None population and atheists account for only 7 percent of Nones. Contrary to what many believe, Nones are not particularly superstitious or partial to New Age beliefs. They are, however, more accepting of human evolution than the general U.S. population.’’

That means that the majority of the people in the NONES, ‘‘Non Religious’’ category believe in a Personal God. The minority of that group is athiest!

27% of 1 million is 270,000 people! That is 270,000 that believe in a personal God in New York, who are listed under the NONES, or ‘‘Non Religious’’ category. But this atheist organization is listing these people as atheists!

You also have to take out all the Deists, Pantheists etc. from that Non-Religious 1 million. They are not atheists either.

It’s false advertising/false statistics on the part of this atheist group!

If they are angry people who feel that way, they are not atheist, but agnostic. Otherwise, they wouldn’t care. Agnostics are the ones who hate God and want to get back at Him.

Reminds me of a subway graffiti that said: God is dead. ~Nietzsche, and beside it Nietzsche is dead. ~God. :wink:

Isn’t it ironic that atheism is considered a religion.
I think the whole reason atheism is so attractive is that it frees you from any sort of responsibility. You have no one to answer to, so you foolishly beliebe you can do what you please.

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