Atheist to Catholic Converts: Why did you join the Church?


I’m more curious about the logical side of your conversion, but any other reason is welcome.


With in the realm of Christianity, Catholicism is the logical and correct choice. If an Atheist, from a neutral stand point were to examine Catholics and non-Catholics, he would come to the conclusion that based on historical facts and based on the differences in beliefs, that the Catholic Church is the first and authentic Church of Christ even if the Atheist didnt beliveve in the first place.


I think you would get an answer like this:

Why gamble? It is easier to accept faith by chance that I’m right.


Being Christian and reading John chapter 6 too many times… Eventually it gets to you and you go “hmm ****, those catholics are right…”. Also having an adequate explanation of the first chapter of the Luke Gospel finally be given to me by a Catholic of all people. That chapter always bothered me a little.

Same to a much bigger scale with Revelations Chapter 12, which I could not really get my head around, metaphorically yes it’s talking of the Church, but in a more literal sense, it seemed to be referring directly to Mary, and the metaphor is far closer linked to her than to the church. And that really, really got me thinking. Not only of the historicity of the revelations prophercy(it’s come to pass most of it), but of the catholics and Mary.

Also the Gospel to personal interpretation ratio of the Pastors in the Catholic Church(who we call priests too) is funny enough, about 5 to 1 in favor of the literal word of God. Where as in protestant churches it seems to be the other way around, especially in the Pentecostal faiths. They say “Let jesus talk” and “what does jesus have to say”, but then they only give him a few moments and only a few passages that are relative to their own message for the day.

Catholic church spends 20 - 30 minutes in a balanced range of scripture starting with OT, NT, Psalms, then climaxing with about 5 or slightly more minutes of pure Jesus talk from the Gospels! They give you enough time to just sit and visualize him actually teaching you directly. I can close my eyes in the CC, and just listen to Jesus for a few minutes of pure gospel. No one else butting their head in. Not even Pope Benedict!

I love it when my priest just stands there quietly reflecting for a moment before saying “this is the gospel of the lord!”… that is the most beautiful time of the readings part of the mass for me.

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