Atheist troubles

Hello, everyone, I’m an atheist.But I feel awful.I would like not to believe in Jesus.Let my mind be liberated.Can anyone tell me how to do it?:shrug:

Sorry, you cannot win over Jesus. Jesus will defeat you and you will be lucky.
Are you 无神论者 or 东正教 ?

It’s really funny that you say you want to be liberated. Oh the irony!:smiley:

Your post is confusing. I am guessing English is not your native language.

Are you saying you are an atheist now, but want to become a Christian?

Or are you saying you believe in God but don’t want to believe anymore?

You come to a Catholic website and ask how to be “liberated” from Jesus? Have you considered that what you are asking might be against their religion for Catholics to do? Catholics are to be advocates of the Gospel. What you are asking is for them to advocate the Gospel in reverse.

have you read the Gospels? You may find them of interest.
There is actually more evidence for the existence of Jesus than there is for George Washington’s. You’re out of luck.:slight_smile:
It is absolutely certain He existed.

Jesus told us he is the son of God. He was either 1) a lunatic, equivalent to a man declaring he’s a plate of fried eggs, 2) a demon from hell, intent on deceiving us, or 3) the Son of God, as he claimed. You will see, if you read his words, that there’s no way he could just be a nice man or a prophet.

God is everything, but I can not he abandoned me.
I have a loved one has friends and you
Thank you

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