Atheist TV: Coming soon to a television near you


STANFORD, Calif. — Move over, Christian televangelists. Atheism is coming to television.

Speaking at a gathering of local atheists, humanists, freethinkers and other nontheists in a chemistry lecture hall at Stanford University, David Silverman, president of American Atheists, a national advocacy group for nontheists, announced Tuesday (May 6) that his New Jersey-based organization would launch the first television channel dedicated to atheism in July.

“Why are we going to television?” he asked the audience, a mix of about 100 students and people from the local community. “It’s part of our strategy of going where we are not.”


Most days I already feel like my cable package is loaded with more than 100 atheist channels!


It sounds to me like this channel is basely going to be used to proselytize those who believe in God so that they lose their faith in God and become Atheists.


There are Christian, Muslim, and (I guess) Jewish stations.

The atheists certainly have a right to a TV station.


Even if this is going to be essentially a proselytising tool, why do you describe that as ‘base’?


How will this differ from ABC,CBS and NBC?


I do not know how many people will see your comment but I guess that if many do, the intolerants will use you for target-practice. please get yourself a body-armour now that you still have a chance.


Hey, I’ve been here for 7000+ posts. :slight_smile:


This would be an Atheist station, not a non-religiously affiliated TV station.

I see you left out FOX. How do you see them?


Oops, it was a typo. I meant to say “basically” instead of “basely”. :o


I didn’t mention the Food Channel Either. They did show how tho make Cross buns so I Guess they are OK.


So what will an atheist station talk about?

Doesn’t sound enticing to me.

I already have a hard enough time finding something to watch.

National geographic channel, the discovery channel and the history channel already have programming that might qualify as atheist. Maybe the atheist channel can borrow from them.


What does programming have to do to qualify as atheist(ic?) as you say?


Must be different channels I’m watching because so far all I’ve seen in my office’s cable TV was:

National Geographic: Animals eating (sometimes grass, sometimes each other).

Discovery Channel: I saw how a fuel line was being made. :shrug:

History channel:… Pawn Stars? (I don’t know about atheist but I’ve learned a thing or two about avoiding dumb deals. :rotfl:)


eh, I don’t need another bash the church channel, which is what it would become. And I bet since they wouldn’t be able to have 24 hours of programming 7 days a week, most of the stuff would end up being paid programming (a lot of channels seem to really be doing this a LOT, even Travel Channel and Food Network).

Luckily, I get EWTN and I can watch faith filled people instead of people who desperately need God.


I believe they are called “plus” buns. . . . :wink: or optionally “addiction” buns. :slight_smile:


What do you expect from someone named David Silverman speaking at Stanford?


There’s a good chance it won’t be on the big satellite programs anyway for awhile.


My thoughts exactly!


All of these news stories really reflect the depravity of the ruling minority during this era, Satanic Mass, Atheist TV, same-sex marriage, Beverly Hills Hotel. Be good to see the back of Hillary and Obama as soon as can be.

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