Atheist who agrees with Satanist Philosophy

I agree with many satanist philosophies although do not agree with the religion. Ask me anything… Or just yell at me I don’t care

Whooo! What a bad-***.

Not really, I’m just interested in how other people think. If I get some passion in their replies that’s even better.

What’s the difference between satanist philosophies and satanist religion? Is it the putting into practice of the philosophy that you disagree with?

I’m idly wondering why all these people think we want to ask them questions.

“Urine drinker and snail fondler, ask me anything!”

“Beet juice worshipper, ask me anything!”

“I wear an elephant scrotum for a hat, ask me anything!”

No thanks, buddy, no thanks.

I agree with their view of the world and the satanic sins, the eleven satanic rules of the earth, etc. I also agree with some of the rituals as a way to get out anger and pent up emotion although some sound a little extreme (I probably wouldn’t partake in them but I could see why some people would.) I just feel as if the religion is a bit of a scam. You need to pay $200 to join. If that isn’t a scam I don’t know what is.

Unlike those people who are trying to troll I like to debate and observe other peoples mental and emotional stance on subjects.

the eleven satanic rules of the earth

You like this one, then?

  1. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

Also, you have a lair?

Also also,

  1. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

Do much walking in open territory? Ever destroyed anyone?

A lair refers to your home or place you own. If someone is bothering you why should you allow the person to get away with it. What if you are being pushed around by someone in your own home in front of your family? You need to assert yourself and put that person in their place.

Open territory refers to an area not owned by anyone (i.e. a sidewalk, a park.) Personally I have fought people for bothering me verbally and physically but only after offering them a chance to stop what they were doing. I refuse to show people love if they don’t deserve it.

Ah, so you weren’t able to actually follow the law, then. About destroying.

Seems like a very practical set of laws. Not silly or crazy at all.

Thanks for the information. Then you are a different kind of atheist, one who believes in the power and authority of Satan?

You guys just made me look up what all this Satanist stuff is. I do agree with most of their teaching. I’ve officially become a satanist now :slight_smile:


Atheist who agrees with Satanist Philosophy

Sounds ultra cool. It really does sound awesome, and I’m sure when I was 11 it would have really impressed me.

But now that we know that you don’t actually destroy people, well, it just sounds sort of dorky.

For a Christian you take scripture quite literally.

I read Nietsche when I was a teenager, thought he was cool until I realized how totally empty his nihilism was…though I guess that was the point.

Anton Lavey’s brand of Satanism is indeed atheistic. So I suppose that if atheists want to become members of the “Church of Satan” it won’t be too much of a transition for them.

Rebellion against authority and total self-absorption in the name of “freedom” certainly seems typical of the philosophy this “church.” Of course, these are also classical behavioral characteristics of early adolescence.

LeVay Satanism (which is the kind of satanist that the Church of Satan follows) are atheists who use Satan as a figurehead. They don’t believe in him as an actual being. He is a symbol of freedom.

I agree. Nihilism points out the pointlessness of life while LeVay Satanism promotes living life based on indulgences and carnal desire which is a good enough reason to live for many people.

A philosophy that reduces men to animals ultimately.

This isn’t Reddit. People don’t do AMAs here. Typically, when someone starts a thread, it is to discuss a particular topic. I may be a lurker for the most part, but I think this is a pretty obvious aspect of CAF’s board culture. You might want to poke around a little bit more to get a feel for how things are done here so you don’t needlessly confuse and/or annoy people with your posting style.

Actually Nietzsche believed that life was absolutely worth living and he abhorred the idea that anyone could ever think otherwise.

But I guess I really wouldn’t expect someone who views LeVay, out of all the philosophers out there (and I’m using ‘philosopher’ loosely) as the one worth building a life and moral outlook around to have read very deeply in to Nietzsche, or anyone else for that matter.

Honestly, you’re being rude. People do not come on to this site to ask about why someone would build a life around carnal desires and a shock value “religion”. I delight in the fact that pretentiousness is one of their “sins”, but then again I’ve always loved irony.

Seriously, take this to Reddit, the posters here don’t care and this is not what the forums are for.

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