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I was talking to this girl who is Atheist now in college. She was unsuccessful in attending religion classes at school. The girl even did not know who the blessed mother was. And countered to ask me question such as how do I know god is real. We were all monkeys at one time she claimed etc. I contended to do my best in trying to inform her of the correct teaching of the Catholic Church and now have found some faith that has some meaning to her. However I I’m not sure what to tell her to do. I told her to say the our father and however I am not sure will go show him his grace to her. To informing her he is our lord and saver. Any Advice in order to save a soul from going to hell??? Any website of links which may be useful and any advice should I get her…is the rosary the best option??

PRAY with her. share your faith with here. get a copy of the catechism to help with answering questions. for me it easier to believe in God than to even imagine there is not one.

It sounds like, at this point at least, unless she starts to take God’s existence and religion in general seriously, she probably won’t really know how to take prayer seriously.

She asks you how you know God exists. Ask her how she knows he doesn’t. :wink: She won’t be able to do it. There is no way to disprove the existence of a being who cannot be studied or detected by physical means. :smiley:

One of my favorite arguments for God’s existence is intelligent design and the fine-tuning of the universe. The odds of a universe capable of supporting life REALLY is slim. I think it takes more faith to believe there isn’t a God than there is one.

I think if you convince her that it’s far more likely that God really exists, then she’ll be more interested in learning about him. That’s my story, anyways.

And pray. Pray to God and the saints. It really works. :thumbsup:

One part of atheist culture is the assumption that anyone who proclaims allegiance to a religion is a total idiot. It may help to assure her that the Catholic church is not against science or anti-evolution (evolution can be a huge sticking point for atheists). Let her know that there are philosophical argumetns for the existenc of God, re Aquinas, that provide itnellectual warrant for embracing God’s existence. It would help for you to familiarize yourself with them: the argument from causality, from design, from morality and the ontological argument. Although all of these arguments are subject to question, at the very least you’ll show her that there are smart cookies who believe in God and the intellect doesn’t have to go to its room when embracing religion.

Good luck.

What I don’t understand:
Why pushing or “pushing” someone ??

Salute & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:
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Give her the Catechism. If she really wants to know, she’ll read it.

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