Atheists against communism


There’s plenty of atheist anti-communists. Don’t assume one implies the other.


Did someone suggest this on another thread? Or are you commenting on a more general assessment of attitudes/beliefs about atheists?

I remember, being raised in the 1970s, that we were taught to believe that all communist regimes are atheist. But I don’t remember ever being told that all atheists were communists.

Just curious if you wanted to have a discussion. :slight_smile:


Atheists don’t seem to realize that they have NOTHING to look forward to !
i’m no Commie, myself, but a Communitarian, like God


I know several athiests, and zero of them are communists.


It’s just two competing religions.


Actually, you have a lot to look forward to, just not in the next life, in this life. I don’t believe in another life because I haven’t seen any evidence to tell me otherwise


In Indonesia in the 1960s atheists were under the suspicion of being communists. Indonesia was extremely anti-communist to the point that it organized mass killings of communists.

I’m an anti-communist though, don’t think I’m not just because I point out what Indonesians did back in the day, we in Spain have also done some terrible things in the past in order to prevent a communist-Anarchist regime that spelt catastrophe all over its forehead


How? Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union was fanatically atheist and fanatically communist. How are they competing? They’re not incompatible


Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Jesus

*********************Gen 15:5
And the LORD took him outside and said, “Now look to the heavens and count the stars, if you are able.” Then He declared, “So shall your offspring be.” Abraham believed the LORD, and it was credited to him as righteousness.

James 2:23 And the Scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,” and he was called a friend of God.

I’ve heard it said that for those who believe no “proof” is necessary and that for those who refuse to believe no “proof” is enough.

telling God what he needs to do in order for you < jesustheonlyway > 2018-03-28 18:15
to believe in him, will not work!

Yet it was God who chose faith to reckon
us righteous in His sight


In many cultures throughout history, I imagine atheists were so much in the minority that they were under suspicion for that reason alone. Religion was so deeply associated with the culture of a community, any deviation from that religion would have been seen as an affront and even a threat to the life of the community.

When communism came in “professing” atheism, and when their leaders destroyed parts of their treasured pasts and cultural identities – yeah, it makes sense that a lot of people thought atheism and communism went hand in hand.

Nothing I’ve read in any of your posts has ever made me think you’re a communist. Even if you were, I don’t really think I’d care.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: As an atheist, are you spending so much time in churches that you know what’s being taught from pulpits?


Seriously, I cannot remember a priest even mentioning communism in a homily, let alone make a connection that all atheists are communists. But I would never assume that I’ve heard what every priest is saying from every pulpit. That would just be silly.


I never heard anything like that either.


I’m always amazed at how long the commies are bad evil people indoctrination has lasted. Sure Karl Marx and Co. were certainly atheists, but socialism itself is not pure evil and has good aspects. Indeed capitalism can have its atheist and evil side too.


We live in a world in which there doesn’t appear to be clear proof of an intelligent agent governing the world.

My response is to disbelieve in claims that there is such a being until such evidence is provided.

You choose to believe in those claims and cite lack of evidence as an opportunity to believe without proof which you consider as having merit.

2 different responses. None is better than the other.


Whatever is governing “the world” is doing so far more consistently and effectively than any intelligent humans are with regard to governing political domains in that “world.”

Humans are just beginning to comprehend the intricate laws of physics and the complexity of genetic code.

And you see no “clear proof” of intelligence behind “the world” that sophisticated human intelligence can barely grasp? Not even a glimmer of an intelligent agent?

I suppose a slug’s brain would view Einstein’s work as incomprehensible babble. That would say more about the grounds the slug has for deciding about Einstein than it says about the intelligence behind his work.


And precisely what would such “evidence” be that would convince you?

What seems a more accurate claim is that you could justify the conclusion that a being with YOUR intelligence level is not governing the world because it is not being governed as you would have it be governed.

That, however, does not imply that a being with supremely more intelligence than you could not be governing the world but you just don’t have the wherewithal to comprehend how that governance is being accomplished, nor the openness of mind to see beyond the bounds of your own intellectual limitations.


I’ll answer, but before I must thank you for diverting the topic of the question. I’m actually grateful that new things are being discussed without needing to change the thread.

I absolutely do have the most shameful and pathetic intellectual limitations, like all humans on Earth. All I can conclude is that, while it’s possible that a God such as the Christian God exists and does all the things he’s attributed with, I don’t consider myself having been satisfactorily contacted by him to a sufficient degree to justify belief in God. Maybe I’m missing something here and he’s out there right in front of my nose, but I’m subject to my own imperfect mind, which up to this point hasn’t found proof of that. Hence, atheism of the most godless and anti-Communist kind.


And in this tiny grain of sand we have studied there has been no proof of God, but I’m pretty sure that, as we study more, we’ll be sure to exhume the corpse that God represents to us if new arrows are found that point in his direction, and CPR his self back to life in our hearts and, more importantly, our brains.


Communism isn’t a religion. Or is capitalistic, we know better than you, American Exceptionalism possibly a religion??


In other words, the ONLY evidence you will accept is to be “contacted by him to a sufficient degree to justify belief.”

And when you are personally “contacted” how will you know that it is, indeed, God contacting you and not some other being with a superior intellect to yours merely pretending to be God? Your “imperfect mind” couldn’t provide you absolute certainty even then.

Kind of puts you in a quandary doesn’t it?

You won’t accept God as God until you are personally contacted, but you don’t have the wherewithal to know that it is God doing the contacting when such contacting happens to occur.

It appears that your “own imperfect mind” poses, for you, an insurmountable impediment to theism. Perhaps absolute reliance on that imperfect mind isn’t such a great idea?

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