Atheists call for 'debaptism'

I didn’t know where to post this so I thought I would do it here. I would just like your thoughts on this. :confused:

Some of these people are just :whacky:

It’s like trying to reverse people being born. It can’t be done.

To say the least :hypno:

[quote=LRThunder;4940083It’s like trying to reverse people being born. It can’t be done.
[/quote]Unfortunately, that is not true. It is called euthanasia.

Indeed. How this made news, I just don’t know. BONKERS!!!:banghead:

While on the syrface it appears to be pathetically amusing it is part of a Western world campaign of hatred against Christianity and an active proselytizing of atheism orchestrated by Satan.Period.

That seems very weird to me.

The National Secular Society would like the Church of England to devise a formal procedure for cancelling baptisms, with a change in the baptismal roll as part of it.

But if they are secular and do not believe, then what power did a baptism have in their eyes to begin with? And then to ask a Church to change for them???

Seems like an awful lot of work to undo something that they say they have no faith in anyway. :rolleyes:

"The debaptism certificate started out as a kind of satirical comment on the idea that you could be enrolled in a church before you could talk, but it seems to have taken off from there.

"People are beginning to take it seriously.

What is this talking about?

The Roman Catholic Church does view a person’s baptism as incorporating them into the Church - and membership is later important to the Church if, for example, the same person wants to get married in a Catholic church.

It is willing to place an amendment in the record.

Obviously The Church doesn’t “amend” Baptismal records. :confused:

LOL! These atheists crack me up. They sure spend a lot of time fussing about something they don’t believe exists.

It seems to me that their scrupulosity in their hatred of religion borders on the religious.


Precisely! If it was meaningless—it wouldn’t mean anything.


This may all sound silly and harmless but I think it’s the beginning of yet another attack on Christianity. They are now going to be challenging parents making a religious choice for their babies that are too young to ask for Baptism and soon it will be politically incorrect to impose Baptism on a baby.

I have no doubt we’ll be hearing more about this.

I think you may be on to something there, doggy. Precidence might be being set.

That’s funny. I pray for atheists all the time. I wonder if they ever considered that they can’t make me stop.

Just to make sure they understand,

“Hey atheists, I’m praying for you!”

Now maybe they can get a court order to have me stopped!

Pfft…It’s yet another ridiculous stunt performed by very unhappy people who desire nothing more than to make other people as unhappy as they are. As a former atheist, I can tell you that to believe in nothing is a miserable state of existence (it’s also irrational, because how can they prove that God doesn’t exist?). And as they say, misery loves company.

Most atheists do not adopt a “live and let live” attitude. They actively try to dismantle your belief system through false logic, false proofs, mockery, and social sanctions. Most are very militant. They will not acknowledge that “yeah, there’s some good things about religion.” (another example of their blind, irrational beliefs) They are fanatical in their desire to demolish everything, so blind in determination. Atheism is not a religion, per se, but it certainly acts line one.

Nope, this isn’t the last time we’ll hear about baloney like this. My knee jerk reaction is to roll my eyes at the stupidity, but that would make light of the situation. This kind of stuff is dangerous. They actively are trying to put religion on the fringe–as I heard one atheist say. Yeah, and so did Stalin.

But allow me one smart aleck comment directed at atheists: if baptism holds no power, why are you getting your knickers in a bunch about it? :ehh:

I’m with you and all the “alarmist” friends here (I say that because that’s how many will see us)

In 1973, when people were railing against the slippery slope of abortion, they were ridiculed. They never foresaw partial birth abortions, or a member of a state senate arguing it was an extension of RvW to allow a born alive aborted child to die in a bucket. They never would have believed babies would be created for spare parts. We all know how right the alarmists were.

My mom always said the devil never tries to eat the apple of your soul all at once, he consumes it in little tiny bites…

I think they should be allowed to stop being a member of the Church of England if they request it. The Catholic Church allows people to formally leave the church and they are taken off the membership list and their duties as Catholics no longer apply.

Of course it’s ridiculous to change the past and make the baptism non-existent :rolleyes:

Well, if there REALLY is no God, then a little sprinkling (or dunking) with water is meaningless anyway-right? It had no meaning- right?
Nothing special happened- right? Just a silly ceromony with some H20- right?
Just deny your baptism and move on- work on severing your membership on the rolls of the particular church.
Or do you protest too much?

All these “humanists” seem to protest too much, especially the likes of Richard Dawkins with his flying teapots and spaghetti monsters. :whacky:

The only consolation I have is that we win in the end.

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