Atheists File Complaint Over Judge Who Offered Marrying Girl, Copying Scripture as Jail Alternative

TYLER, Texas — A prominent atheist activist organization has filed a complaint against a Texas judge who gave a man facing a misdemeanor assault charge the option of marrying his girlfriend and copying Scripture in lieu of serving time behind bars.

According to reports, Josten Bundy appeared in Smith County Court last month on charges that he had punched the ex-boyfriend of then-girlfriend Elizabeth Jaynes as the man had allegedly become verbally abusive with the woman.

Bundy appeared in court without an attorney and while he was given the opportunity to plead not guilty, he declined and asked Judge Randall Rogers to proceed.

I’m sure the judge thought he was being creatively lenient with this sentence within his own worldview but this isn’t a precedent we want to start setting.

I can’t believe Christians are actually defending the judge. Does no one care about what the woman feels? What if she doesn’t want to get married under these circumstances? This judge should be penalized. Even her family is angry about the judge’s decision.

Actually the judge told the defendant that he had to get her consent, and she said she was OK with it.

I’m not saying it was the proper thing for the judge to do, but he wasn’t forcing her as far as I can see.

Furthermore, the verse he asked the man to copy out was a piece of wisdom that, out of its canonical context, could be perfectly secular.


Yeah, the only reason she consented was because they had been talking about it. But they were waiting for the right time and to make plans. You can’t make good wedding plans in under a month. Furthermore, the dude feared losing his job, because the judge wouldn’t let him make a simple phone call to let them know he was gonna be in jail for 30 days. So yes, the woman did consent, but only because she cared enough for her boyfriend and his job. That’s ridiculous. This judge is terrible.

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