Atheists invade creationist tourist attraction

[quote=Examiner]Over the weekend, popular science blogger, atheist, and evolutionary biologist PZ Myers led a group of over 300 skeptics, atheists, and freethinkers to the Creationism “Museum” in Petersburg, Kentucky.

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God Bless.


I find it sad on the part of the atheists that they think that true religion is in opposition to true science and evolution. Obviously, science has disproven that the world is only 6,000 years old. Atheists think that by disproving mistaken religious people (Young Earth Creationists), they are disproving religion itself.

The coexistence of humans and dinosaurs is now indeed a laughable hypothesis, but not one that should be seen as proof for atheism’s universal negative.

Although many Protestants are trying to pass laws mandating it (Young Earth, man and dino) be taught in schools as a fact.

Hopefully they were charged admission and maybe bought an item or two from the gift shop.

“science has disproven that the world is only 6,000 years old”? How has it done that?

Humans and dinosaurs together a “laughable hypothesis”? Do you know when the word dinosaur was coined? Are you aware of ancient depictions, by man, of dinosaurs?

Atheism owns the word reason. That’s why the protesters outside the museum called themselves Rally for Reason, as opposed to Rally for Science. If you go to the Rally for Reason web site you’ll see most of their sponsors are atheists.

Science means evolution which means reason which means reality. And remember, the word Ignorance no longer means someone who doesn’t know but someone who is against the dogmatic belief that evolution, if it happened, happened all by itself.


For a bunch of people who don’t believe in God, they sure spend a lot of time talking about God. If Christianity is so ridiculous, why are atheists so fascinated with it?

No, they want Intelligent Design taught. All that means is that they want students to hear the theory that God may have had a role. It has nothing to do with the age of the Earth or other things. I believe in intelligent design, but I do not believe those other things. Creationism is only a theory. The argument is that if that theory is taught the other theory must also be taught. Creationism as taught also goes against the laws of science, so we don’t see how it can be taught in a science class.

The word dinosaur was coined in the 19th C. Before that they were called dragons.

Except that’s not really want those who advocate teaching creationism in science classes want, because somehow theistic evolution never appears in their proposed curriculum. Its always Young Earth Creationism.

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