Atheists meet in Melbourne to celebrate lack of faith

More than 2,000 atheists from around the world are gathering in Melbourne, Australia, to celebrate their lack of religious belief.

It is thought to be the world's largest gathering of atheist thinkers.

They plan to issue a statement on what they say are the negative effects of religion on society.

All 2,500 tickets were sold out earlier this year, but a religious gathering at the same venue in December attracted three times as many delegates.

The Global Atheist Convention is bringing together scientists, philosophers, writers and comedians, says the BBC's religious affairs correspondent Christopher Landau.

They will be joined by bestselling author Richard Dawkins and discuss Islam and terrorism in a session titled The Cost of Delusion.

They will also hear a film proposal, exposing the amount taxpayers spend subsidising religion.

There is a determination to avoid what one session calls Atheistic Fundamentalism, says our correspondent.

Participants will be urged to avoid "missionary zeal" in their determination to promote their non-religious message to the world.

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It doesn`t sound very environmentally friendly.
More global warming!
If only all of the hot air and methane generated at this gathering could be tapped.

[quote="lemonbeam, post:1, topic:190567"]
It is thought to be the world's largest gathering of atheist thinkers


atheist thinkers? Isn;t that a oxymoron?
And what is it with dawkins and the word delusion? Is his subconscious trying to tell him something?

If they really have no belief, then what is to celebrate?:shrug:

Hah! 2000, is that all they could muster. Here's a head line for them... "10000's muster any given day at St.Peters Square in the Vatican just to get a glimpse at one of the greatest theologians of our time."


It never made any sense to me to gather together because you have in common with others a lack of belief in something.

They are so alone trapped in their own bodies and brain (atheists have no mind, just brain with neuro perepherals), that they need each other to not feel alone. Orwell said it in 1984, that if they could choose between being loved and understood, they would choose to be understood.

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